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The episode starts with Amitabh telling Madhuri that she has to stop Arjun and Diya from knowing the truth. Madhuri says Amitabh betrayed her and Arjun both. He didn’t fulfill his promise by making Arjun’s life better. But his life got destroyed because of her one false statement. Amitabh tells her to keep her volume low because if Arjun knows about it, he will start hating his mother. Madhuri gets worried.

Diya and Arjun come to room. Diya tells him to sleep but he says he will check the papers. Arjun goes to make tea, but Diya stops him saying she will make tea for them. She decides to accompany Arjun to check the papers. Madhuri recalls how Amitabh forced her to give statement against Arjun else Karan will put false charges on him. Amitabh even threatened to shoot himself to convince Madhuri. Madhuri agreed finally. Diya asks Madhuri what she is thinking. Madhuri advices her to not discuss about the academy issues in front of Amitabh. Diya replies, but Dr Sen needs justice for his death and the truth has to come out. Madhuri gets afraid and says they should forget the past mishap. Diya gets confused. Karan sees Diya and Arjun’s footage outside the academy and scolds the staff. He assumes that Arjun came here to take the case papers. Karan recalls what Tina said that Niharika is their only partner in the mansion, who can help them.

Arjun checks the list, where some known people gave statement against him in drug scam. He fails to recognise a name Anjali Agarwal. Madhuri overhears the talk and panics. Arjun says he will find out who the person is. Madhuri faints in fear. Dipika notices her while calling Luv. She rushes to hold her and Diya, Arjun also come out of the room. Madhuri gets her senses back, and says she just came here to check Arjun slept or not. She leaves. Arjun and Diya get suspicious seeing her worried face. Some reporters and protesters protest against Karan near academy. Arjun’s informer highlights the news of Dr Sen’s death and provokes the media against Karan. Arjun encourages him. Karan learns about it and gets furious. He says he will destroy the case papers fully and will teach Arjun lesson for trying to subbotage his image. He calls someone. Arjun tells Diya that he still can’t remember who is Anjali Agarwal.

Episode ends