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The episode starts with Diya asking Arjun now what will they do? Arjun says now they will talk to those people of the enquiry panel. But the process won’t be easy as Karan will also try to approach them. Diya says if they had shown the papers to the media, things would have been much easier. Arjun says he noted the names and it’s time to contact two players. Others are coaches. Arjun meets the players who gave statement against him, he gets upset as they betrayed him. The players tell how Karan gave them fake assurance of giving jobs, but it didn’t happen, and now they are regretting for ruining Arjun’s career. Arjun asks for their help to expose Karan. They get ready to help him. Arjun talks to one coach and asks him how can the latter ruin his career when he used to respect him alot. He pleads the coach to help him so that he lives a respectful life.

Amitabh tells Madhuri that if Arjun learns about Anjali Agarwal they will be in trouble. Madhuri says Arjun already knows about Anjali and when he will know that his mother destroyed his career, he will get furious. Amitabh also learns that Madhuri stole the papers and he praises her for doing so. Amitabh says Arjun is still looking for proofs, so he asked for one week time. Amitabh meets Karan and gives him the case papers, Karan gets surprised and questions him how he got it. Amitabh hides about Madhuri’s involvement saying he arranged it somehow and Karan indirectly taunts him. Karan adds that Amitabh is desperate to save his family’s reputation, thus he and his wife ruined their son’s career. Amitabh gets nervous and tells him to not hurt Arjun. Karan says he doesn’t need his advice. Karan tells his informers to bring the people who gave statement against Arjun and if they deny, they will be forced to come here. Except one name everyone should be here. Karan smirks remembering Anjali Agarwal name.

Kush scolds Niharika, and tells her to do household chores like a maid. Niharika gets offended and keeps on saying she didn’t take the papers. Why can’t they trust her. Kush says she can stay in the house but she has to earn everything on her own by her hard work. She can’t use her phone all the time. Arjun says he is feeling bad for Niharika, so he won’t support Kush. Though it’s sad that Niharika never considered them as her loved ones, and supported the wrong people always. She should know that wrong people always end up in jail so what will happen to her after that. Arjun says he will prove his innocence within seven days. Madhuri gets scared hearing that. Karan learns that three of the panel people are dead. Only some are alive. Then Karan calls somebody and decides to teach Arjun a lesson.

Episode ends