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The episode starts with Arjun talking to someone. He tells him to keep eyes on the enquiry panel members whom he caught to collect proofs against Karan. Arjun says that they should not contact Karan at any cost and their phones should be switched off. Arjun tells Diya that he handled the rest but Anjali Agarwal mystery isnt solved yet. Diya says maybe some of the panel members have idea about Anjali Agarwal. But then she adds but it could be like the members never met each other yet. Arjun thinks what to do. Madhuri overhears their talk.

Karan learns that Arjun already gathered those enquiry commission people to expose him so Karan finds another way to stop Arjun. Madhuri in her room gets upset over the fact that her bond with Arjun will be destroyed because of her one fault. She would like to die instead of tolerating Arjun’s hatred towards his mother. Dipika comes to Madhuri’s room and whispers something in her ear. Madhuri smiles. Arjun tells Diya that three panel people are dead due to diseases and they were old too. They could only tell who is Anjali. Diya says Arjun should stop thinking about Anjali as they have got enough proofs. Arjun replies but he is very curious to know who is Anjali. He says she is not connected to badminton to which Diya says then why she gave statement against him. Arjun assumes that it must be Amitabh’s trick and he joined hands with Mr Khurana. Amitabh must have planted a new person called Anjali against him. He can go to any extent for his business profit. Diya agrees as Amitabh supported Karan not his son. Arjun decides to find out about it.

Arjun punches the punching bag and starts sweating. Diya comes inside his room and stares at him romantically. She gives him towel and Arjun looks at her. Arjun wipes his sweat with the towel and Diya cleans it properly after that. Arjun tells her to go to sleep as she is not getting proper rest from some days. Diya says she came here to tell him that Dipika wants her to leave the guest room. Arjun and Diya both tell that can Diya shift to Arjun’s room. Arjun smiles and says he can share his room with Diya. Diya feels shy and Arjun says if she doesn’t have any problem she can stay with him. He doesn’t have problem to share his room as he used to do that in his hostel. Diya says did he share room with girls as well? Arjun says no this is the first time he is sharing his room with a girl.

Karan’s men bring a maid named Parvati who works in Agarwal Mansion. The maid screams and tells them to open her blindfold. She then sees lots of money on the desk in Karan’s office. She gets shocked and says she can’t help Karan as Arjun hates him. Karan increases the amount saying how can she spend her whole life with such a less amount of salary. She greedily takes the money and agrees to obey him. Karan explains her what to do and she promises him she will not fail.

Parvati at late night is about to enter Arjun’s room to place some drugs packet there as per Karan’s instructions, but Dipika catches her and asks her what she is doing here. Parvati says she came here to give Arjun water. Dipika sends her back saying she doesn’t need to do that. Parvati goes back to her room unhappily. Kush comes and tells Dipika that all preparations are done and Arjun also knows everything. Dipika asks Kush if he informed Niharika. Kush says she doesn’t consider them as family. So he didn’t involve her in this surprise. Dipika says Kush shouldn’t have treated Niharika like that. Kush gets angry saying what Niharika did was not right either. Diya wakes up from sleep and gets surprised seeing the decorations in her room and everywhere in the house. She calls Arjun and goes out of her room to find him. She thinks is there any special occasion today. Karan practices badminton and he recalls Arjun’s play techniques. He says Arjun can’t take his place in badminton world.

Episode ends