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The episode starts with Diya waking up in the morning and feels that the pain in her feet is not that much so she stands up then takes few steps here and there and smiles. She tells that Doctor Arjun’s medicine worked. Deepika comes there and asks Diya why she is smiling is she get impressed with her husband’s magic. She then tells Diya that she has to get ready to do the ritual. Diya gets confused and asks Deepika which ritual she is talking about. Deepika tells that she has to make sweets for the family members. Diya gets worried and tells Deepika that she doesn’t know how to cook because her mother never let her go inside. Deepika asks her not to worry saying she will help her. She then tells the importance of the ritual also what’s the meaning behind that. Diya then asks Deepika where is Arjun.

Deepika tells Diya that Arjun went out to do a shopping for her. Diya asks what is the need to do that. Deepika tells Diya that Arjun wants to do this for his wife and he is not even aware that at this time the shop will not be opened. Arjun in his car looks outside and tells that he is a fool to think that someone will open the shop at this earlier hours. He then sends a message to someone. Amitabh shows the newspaper to Madhuri and tells her that Arjun humiliated them enough and these news are the proofs. Tina enters the room. Amitabh then asks Madhuri why there is so much noise is in the kitchen. Tina tells that preparation is going on for Diya’s cooking ritual. Madhuri and Amitabh gets shocked.

Madhuri tells that she won’t let Diya enter the kitchen at any cost. Niharika comes there and tells that both Dadi and Deepika is making arrangements for that only. Tina tells Madhuri and Amitabh that they have to accept Diya because she is their daughter in law. Amitabh tells Tina that she is innocent and not understanding Diya’s plans. Niharika tells that Arjun went out to buy new clothes for Diya. Tina tells it’s not needed because Madhuri already bought so many dresses for her. She also tells may be Diya don’t want those sarees so she asked Arjun after all she has every rights to ask to Arjun because she is his wife. Amitabh tells Madhuri to look how Diya made Arjun an emotional fool and asks Madhuri to stop Diya from doing this ritual and if his mother has any problems he will talk to her. Diya Dadi and Deepika waits for Arjun. Deepika tells Dadi if Arjun comes late then they have to make Diya wear a saree which is bought by Madhuri for Tina.

Arjun comes there with a handful of bags and tells that’s not necessary because he bought dresses for Diya. Arjun and Diya looks at each other. Deepika smiles so Arjun asks Deepika why she is smiling at him like that. Deepika pulls his legs by joking at him for being such an adoring husband. Dadi also jokes then Dadi asks Deepika to help Diya get ready and come downstairs then leaves the place. Arjun and Diya looks at each other once again. Deepika once again pulls Arjun’s leg then Arjun leaves the place. Deepika tells Diya that she is really lucky to have a life partner like Arjun not everyone is lucky like her. She then unpacks the bags and asks Diya what she is going to wear. Diya looks lost in her thoughts thinking about Deepika’s words.

Madhuri tells that no matter what she won’t let Diya enter thr kitchen for that if she wants to go against her mother in law’s wishes she will do it and leaves the place. Niharika tells Tina that she is going to see the huge drama which is going to unfold and leaves. Tina thanks Niharika for putting oil on the fire and helping her unintentionally to instigate Arjun’s parents against Diya. Deepika brings Diya downstairs. Diya gets worried and tells that she don’t know how she is going to maje sweet for everyone. Khush comes there and talks to Diya nicely. Arjun and Dadi also comes there. Deepika asks Arjun how his wife looks then both Khush and Deepika makes fun of Arjun for blushing. Dadi asks Deepika to call Madhuri. Deepika obliges. Madhuri tells that’s not necessary and tells that Diya is turning her family members against her. She also tells that Diya only knows how to use others. Diya gets hurt.

Madhuri tells Dadi that no matter what she won’t let Diya enter the kitchen. Dadi and Deepika gets worried about Diya and asks her to open the door saying not to take Madhuri’s words to heart. Arjun comes there and asks Diya to come out saying they are going to get more time to practice badminton. Khush and Arjun decides to break the door but before that Diya opens the door and Arjun stops her from falling to the ground. They both looks lost in each other’s eyes. Diya then tells that she is watching a video of how to make Kheer also nowhere it told that she has to perform that ritual in the kitchen. Khush helps Diya make a stove outside the garden. He tells her that he likes her confidence also if it’s someone else in her place then they must have get angry with Madhuri. Diya tells that she understands Madhuri also there is a saying that one who loves them onky scolds them. Niharika gets shocked seeing Diya and Khush. She decides to tell this plan of Diya to Tina.

The episode ends.