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The episode starts with Arjun assuring the panel members that he will not let Karan harm them. They will be in a safe place until the press conference will be held. Arjun tells them to speak the truth in front of media. He promises noone will be punished for their past false statements. He asks them if they are not ready to help him they can leave. But one old coach says they won’t leave him but will help him as they are still regretting for giving false statement. Arjun gets delighted. Two players say that they want Arjun back in the badminton world again. Arjun asks them whether they know about Anjali Agarwal.

Diya gets surprised to see all her favourite dishes on dining table. Dadi says Madhuri made everything for her and specially Payesh which is her favourite sweet dish. Diya thanks Madhuri for her efforts and misses Meera. Madhuri says Meera taught her all these and Diya should think that her mother’s love is also present in the food. Diya says Arjun is not here else he wouldn’t have let her eat all these. Madhuri asks her about Arjun. Diya replies Arjun is out for some press conference work. Madhuri gets tensed. Parvati goes to Arjun’s room seeing everyone is busy. Diya says the truth will be out soon, Madhuri is about to faint in nervousness but Dipika holds her. Diya tells Madhuri to take rest. Dadi says she was cooking everything all alone so she got tired may be.

Radhu suggests Arjun to ask Madhuri about Anjali. She might be one of his relatives. Arjun wonders why Anjali will ruin his career without any reason. Parvati hides the drug packets in Arjun’s room and comes out but bumps into Dipika. Dipika questions her why she looks scared. Parvati lies that she was cleaning Arjun’s room and a bulb broke. Dipika tells her to leave. Diya checks Madhuri’s BP and says Madhuri’s dishes were really tasty even better than Meera. Arjun comes to check Madhuri’s health and she tells him to sit. Arjun asks her about Anjali which shocks Madhuri. Madhuri denies that they don’t have any relative called Anjali. Dipika says they can ask Amitabh about it. Arjun says though he has enough evidences and it won’t weaken his case but he wants to know why someone will give statement against him when she is not connected to badminton. Noone knows her as well in the academy. Arjun leaves. Madhuri closes the door and decides to kill herself as she can’t tolerate Arjun’s hatred.

Parvati calls Karan and says the job is done. Karan tells her not to call him from the same number. He says she should not commit a single mistake else there will be consequences. He then says when Arjun will call the press conference police will search his house for drugs. It will be proved that Arjun uses drugs till now. Karan calls the police incharge.

Episode ends.