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The episode starts with Diya asking what’s happening here. Arjun says that her Niharika finds her parents gifts are cheap. Arjun praises the gifts and comes wearing the gifted cloth. He calls babloo to take a selfie. Babloo calls Diya too. Niharika leaves the place getting angry. Arjun stops her and asks what happened to her fashion sense, those sarees are still in trend, so they can’t be cheap. He defends Diya’s parents and says that they bought costly gifts for their happiness. If she had accepted their gifts and thanked them, their happiness and her respect would have increased. Niharika taunts Diya and leaves.

Diya apologizes to her parents. Meera asks why she lied to them that she was accepted by Arjun’s family. Rama says that no one in this house will accept Diya. Meera says that Diya will make them accept her. Mohan says Diya to think of this house, the family and everything as hers so that she can find solutions for any problem easily. He says that he believes that Arjun and Diya can overcome every problem together. Diya says that Arjun supported him went against his family, so she will the family’s heart for Arjun. Diya family gets ready to leave, but Arjun forces them to leave after having dinner. Meera praises Arjun.

Tina is in call with someone and asks that person to do as she instructed. She says that she wants to see fear in Madhuri’s face. Suddenly Niharika comes there. Tina asks what happened. Niharika laments that Arjun finds the cheap clothes brought by Diya’s parents, fashionable. Tina says that Niharika failed again. Niharika says that she showed them their place, but Arjun interrupted her. Tina asks her to chill. Niharika asks why Tina seems happy. Tina says that Deepika and Dadi planned Arjun and Diya’s first wedding night, but she won’t let it happen. Amitabh reached Kolkata and he’s on the way to home. Niharika gets excited and says Arjun vs Amitabh. Tina says that the important person isn’t Amitabh, but the guest, who is coming with Amitabh.

Niharika looks confused. Meera advises Diya. Meera asks Diya to try to win Arjun family’s heart ignoring their hatred. Diya says that it’s not easy. Meera gives the example of making perfect and asks Diya to keep trying. Diya says to Babloo to look after their parents and keep in touch with her. Babloo asks if he can’t come to meet her. Dadi arrives and says to Babloo to come to meet Diya whenever he wants. Meera and Babloo take their leave. Dadi asks Diya to have food before they begin post wedding rituals. Diya says to leave the rituals. Deepika agrees with Diya and says that their family members mood isn’t good and let Diya rest after dinner. Dadi agrees and leaves. Deepika asks Diya to go to Arjun’s room after dinner for first wedding night. Diya looks on.

Amitabh reaches home and asks about the astrologer that Tina called. He says that Arjun wronged Tina yet Tina thinks about Arjun wellness. Tina arrives there with a astrologer and Niharika. Tina says that Maduri matched her and Arjun’s kundli and their kundli matched astrologically, but Diya and Arjun’s kundli weren’t matched as everything happened very fast. Therefore she thought to take an astrologer opinion. She has already sent Arjun and Diya’s details to the astrologer. He’s the astrologer’s assistant. The astrologer gave his prediction to his assistant. Tina says that Arjun and Diya should there too. Niharika goes to bring them. Tina assures Madhuri that Diya and Arjun will be made for each other.

Arjun is drinking alcohol recalling Karan’s words. He says that Karan broke him completely that he can fix himself, but he won’t spare Karan if he harms Diya. Diya comes there searching for him. She asks why he’s drinking alcohol. Arjun asks Fiya to mind her business. He says that she must be angry that he didn’t go to drop her parents. He asks to not worry, he told the driver to drop them and asks her to go and sleep. Diya says that she’s not upset for that. She says that if drinks alcohol, he can have health issues then how he can train her. She snatches the alcohol bottles. Arjun asks her to give it back him. They argue Niharika arrives there and says that Amitabh calls them. Diya says that they will come. Niharika leaves. Diya says that she’s his wife, so he will listen to her and don’t drink alcohol. Arjun asks Diya to give respect to him and calls him “aap” not “tum”. Diya says to not change the topic. She tries to stop Arjun from drinking alcohol which angers Arjun.

The episode ends.