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The Episode begins with Diya dashing with Arjun Car. He gets shocked seeing her. He gets down from the Car and Diya runs away from there. He instantly calls his Bhabhi and asks her whether Diya is at home to which she tells him that she will be in his room for sure. Arjun wonders as to whom did he see and if he really saw Diya. He wonders as to from whom she is running away and whether she is in trouble. He walks towards where Diya is caught by Tina and her Men. She calls his name and he goes towards her side but then he doesn’t see no one. He then sees Diya being taken away by two men who is unconcious and is wounded on the head.

Arjun sees them ahd shouts at them. The men drop her on the ground and run away. Arjun brings her back to concious and Diya saya she is grateful that she had finally met him. She thought that she will Die without seeing him and was scared to lose him. Arjun asks her but what she was doing and why were the men chasing her. She says that she doesn’t know as to why they are chasing her and trying to kidnap her. Arjun gets a call from his Bhabhi which he lifts and cuts the call as she tells him that she is not in the room telling him that she is not at her room.

Diya who is sitting behind him smirks and remembers how she got a call from Tina Madam while she was getting ready. She remembers how she has seen her missed calls and instantly called her. Tina tells her that Diya haa run away from her enclosure and asks her to come where she is and Pihu asks her not to worry as she won’t be getting into aju trouble. Pihu smirks and says that it is good that Tina has called her or else she would have gotten into a huge trouble. Arjun helps her get up and makes her sit in the Car as she shows thumbs up to Tina.

Tina smirks and says that no other person can come between both of them anymore as they are meant to be together. On the other hand Beeji decides that Diya will leave the house saying that she is undeserving of Arjun. Arjun takes Pihu to the Hospital. Pihu remembers how she got hurt for real after Tina has asked her so that he doesn’t get any doubt on her as he has seen the injury on her Head. She tells Tina calling her that they will throw her out of the house after hearing Arjun. Tina asks her not to let that happen and do whatever to stay at his House to take their Plan ahead.

Pihu runs to him and holding his Legs Requests him not to leave her. He tells her that he understood that she has Married for Money. She requests him and he remembers how she has saved him before. Diya wakes up from her sleep and looks at her Saree. Tina comes there and throws Medicines on her. Diya looks at her with Anger. The Screen Freezes.