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The episode starts with Karan telling the reporters that the officials made a mistake. He is extremely sorry for it. He leaves and Diya says Arjun was also falsely accused by Karan five years ago. Arjun sees the injured person lying on street. He is none other than Dr Sen. Arjun takes him to the hospital. Karan attacks his men and asks them how they fail to do their job. He asks about Dr Sen. Agarwals watch news and learns Karan accused Diya of taking drug but it was baseless. Niharika gets shocked to hear that and thinks how is it possible. Amitabh says how long Diya will save herself from Karan. She and Arjun should not go against Karan as he is powerful. Madhuri tells Amitabh how can he still blame Diya and Arjun. He should use his contacts to stop Karan. Amitabh replies he already suffered loss in his business because of Karan and Arjun’s fight so he can’t do anything. Madhuri says last time he didn’t support his own son so she can’t expect him to help Diya too.

Tina calls Karan and gets shocked to know Diya’s report came negative. Karan shouts at her for ruining his plan. He says media is insulting him and questioning him and they are doubting him for the scam happened five years ago. He says he won’t spare Tina or Niharika if his reputation gets destroyed. Arjun learns from Diya that Karan made a full proof plan to disqualify her but she got saved luckily. She tells him about the accusation and says how come Karan was so sure that her report will be positive. Why he called the press conference. Arjun says Karan tried to drug her through food but he got suspicious and gave Diya another bowl of breakfast. So Karan failed in his plan. Diya needs to be very careful as Karan wont stay calm. He tells her that he is in hospital to admit a injured person. Diya performs well in the fitness test and the judges wonder why Karan wants to disqualify her.

Tina gets mad at Niharika and says she shouldn’t have trusted her. Nihairka says she mixed the drug and Diya ate the food too then how did it happen. Tina says because of her stupidity Karan insulted her today. She cuts the call and meets some children in hospital for charity. Arjun sees Tina and asks what is she doing in this new look. He mocks her. He then warns her saying she and her best friend Niharika can’t stop Diya now. She should tell this to Karan too as his plannings won’t work. Tina acts innocent and says she has moved on in her life. She is sorry for what she did. She accepted Diya and Arjun’s relationship. She leaves.

Karan learns Dr Sen left his phone in the cabin and he is not found yet. Karan tells his staff to find him at any cost. Diya gets selected in the fitness test and gets delighted. She thanks God and says now she will win the match too. Monica meets Karan and says she will taunt Diya by mentioning her low status. Karan says now Diya is Arjun Agarwal’s wife and she is richer than Monica. So Monica should not make cheap plans. She should make Diya tired by annoying her. Diya should not get enough sleep. Monica says but for that she needs to break rules. Karan allows her and says Diya’s tiredness will reflect on her performance and she will be disqualified.

Coach tells the contenders to maintain discipline and they will wake up at 5 am everyday. They will stay in hostel. Monica taunts Diya and the latter shuts her up saying like how she made Monica lose in Jamshedpur tournament here also she will do the same. Monica gets irked. Arjun calls Diya and she says she got selected in the fitness test. Arjun gets happy for her and says he knew it. Now she will be more cautious. Diya requests Arjun not to irritate Madhuri and also he wont drink alcohol. She adds a new chapter will start in their lives after seven days. She smiles

Episode ends