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Zee TV show Rishton Ka Manjha is showcasing how Madhuri is trying hard to hide her wrongdoing. But Arjun is adamant to prove his innocence. How will he feel when he will learn that his mother is one of the people who destroyed his badminton career? Will he break ties with Madhuri? That will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that, Madhuri felt guilty for giving wrong statement against her own son. Her behaviour made Arjun and Diya doubtful. Karan decided to destroy the case papers when some protesters accused him for Dr Sen’s death. Diya didn’t find the papers and Arjun confronted Niharika. Niharika got caught when Kush called Karan from her phone. Madhuri trusted her when she says she didn’t find the papers although she went to steal them. Kush lashed out at Niharika for supporting the criminals. Arjun and Diya asked her to give back the papers constantly. But it’s Madhuri who stole it. There Diya told Arjun not to give up and he talked to the media about Karan’s involvement in Dr Sen’s murder. He said that he will gather the proves again within seven days. There Madhuri got tensed, thinking how Arjun will react after knowing her act.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Madhuri will tell Amitabh that Arjun learned about Anjali Agarwal’s statement. Amitabh will tell her not to reveal that her previous name was Anjali. He will ask who stole the case papers. Madhuri will confess that she stole them. Which will shock Amitabh.

Will Arjun get to know Madhuri is Anjali?

Will Arjun prove his innocence?

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