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Zee TV show Rishton Ka Manjha is showcasing how Arjun is looking for proofs to expose Karan and he talks to two players who earlier gave statement against him. There Karan is all set to play his card against Arjun. Will he win over Karan or Arjun will succeed this time? That will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that, Arjun decided to contact the enquiry panel members to get their help in exposing Karan. Amitabh got the papers from Madhuri and gave it to Karan. Karan mocked him saying he destroyed Arjun’s career with his wife. He should be careful as Arjun will be in shocked after knowing his parents’ act. Arjun got help from two players whom Karan deceived. Kush insulted Niharika and told her to do household chores as a punishment. Arjun looked determined to prove his innocence within seven days. Karan told his men to threaten the panel people so that they don’t listen to Arjun or help him.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Diya will ask Arjun why the latter is looking tensed. Arjun will reveal that three panel people are dead who could tell him about Anjali Agarwal. There Karan will tell that he will never let Arjun come into badminton world again. Arjun can’t take his place.

What will Karan do to stop Arjun?

How will Arjun prove his innocence?

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