The love story of Rohit and Sonakshi is currently one of the most loved and appreciated one among the audiences. The Star Plus show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is quite a popular name among the young audiences and also among the TV audiences.

The chemistry of Karan and Dipika is one of the most loved and appreciated one since the show went on air. However currently the show is going a bit high on drama genre but one cannot deny that even if Rohit and Sonakshi comes on screen for a minimum amount of time, the show managers to trend on social media with that bit also.

In the storyline of the show, keeping all the obstacles away Rohit and Sonakshi got married to each other unlike the other ITV dramas where the leads don’t get married easily. However since they got married, so many problems and hurdles are coming in their way from third party sources. Amidst of all these, Rohit and Sonakshi manages to tackle every situation based on their unbreakable love and trust on each other.

However the recent promo telecasted by the channel is indicating that the very much trust and bond of Rohit and Sonakshi main get affected in the upcoming storyline of the show. We all know tensions are increasing between Rohit and Sonakshi regarding the adoption topic of Pooja.

Currently this suspense has reached the saturation point of it and is already causing damage to the relationship of Rohit and Sonakshi. However, Rohit finally opens up to Sonakshi regarding the secret he is hiding inside him for years.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, the fans will get to see Rohit and sakshi come back to their normal self again. However seems like this happy moments of them won’t last long and a storm will take over their marriage once again.

The recent promo of the shows showcased that, Rohit who was always besides Sonakshi in every thick and thin is blaming her for making a joke of his mother in front of the world. Not only that he also blamed her for breaking his trust and his existence as well with her this act.

On the other side, Sonakshi looks surprised and taken aback with this allegations from Rohit while Veena is giving a death glare to Sonakshi. Seems like again Sonakshi lands in trouble and people around is misunderstanding her. The only difference is this time Rohit is not going to be by her side. Well this will surely cause for a separation between the lovebirds.

Now it will be interesting to see what will cause them such situation and will Rohit rely on his wife like always or this time negative circumstances will be successful in breaking their relationship? Will Sonakshi be able to prove her innocence to Rohit? Or there is an altogether different angle to this whole fiasco. Only time can give the answer of this questions. Watch the new promo of the show here :

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