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The episode starts with Anu thinking that she wants to stay in hospital because of Manickam. If she need his properties and money then she might stay here. Annapoorna comes there and questions her what’s she thinking? Anu lies to her that she fears Roja and Arjun will come here to create problem with her. Annapoorna says to her nothing will happen like that. If they come here then make a call to her she will deal with them. She will make sure that Roja leaving her house after this incident. Annapoorna asks Anu to be near Manickam and leaves. Manickam starts coughs and asks water to Anu. Anu is busy in checking her mobile. She is cursing Manickam for making her suffer like this. She is not giving heed to Manickam. She leaves that room to eat something from canteen. Shenbagam crosses her. She helps that kid to find her mom. She tries to beat her. Shenbagam stops her by saying her kid searched for her everywhere. It’s good to giving task to their kids. That kid informs to her mom that Shenbagam is also searching for her mom. Shenbagam nods with her. She says to her that those who has no mother understands the value of mother!

Shenbagam notices Manickam while crossing his room. He is suffering to take breath. Shenbagam rushes near him and searches for his attender. Manickam asks her to give water. Shenbagam gives water to him. He drinks it. Manickam is suffering to take breath. Shenbagam fix the oxygen mask to him and turns on the oxygen cylinder. Manickam tries to see her face but getting blur image. He says to her that he can’t able to see her. He thank her for helping him. Shenbagam about to leave. He mentions her as ‘Shenbagam’. She stops in her way and approaches him. He informs to her that he called his wife. Shenbagam feels dizzy and leaves that room. She informs to the doctor about Manickam state.

Roja is praying to god. She asks god to cure her father soon. She wants to see her father accepting her as his daughter. Everyone showing love on her. Kalpana gets a call from Arjun. She feels happy to hear the news. Kalpana informs to Roja that Manickam got well. Arjun is discharging him from hospital. Arjun and Annapoorna is on the way to home. Anu hears their conversation. Roja feels happy to hear it. She thank god for listening her prayer. Kalpana says that Roja prayed for him honestly that’s why god listend to her. Kalpana and Roja notices the trio there. Anu says to Yesodha let’s create any problems before Annapoorna coming here. Anu asks Balu to take video of Roja. Anu says to Yasodha loudly that Manickam got discharged. Annapoorna and Arjun are on the way to home. It’s a happy news for her. Anu adds that she is gonna register all properties on Roja’s name reasoning she only needs her father.

Balu questions her Is she mad to register all properties on Roja’s name? Roja glares Anu. Yasodha praises Anu infront of Kalpana. Kalpana asks Yasodha to stop praising Anu while looking down on Roja. Kalpana supports Roja. Anu dislikes it and badmouth on Kalpana. Roja gets angry and lashes out at her for raising her tongue against Kalpana. Anu is keep provoking Roja. Balu is recording the video where Roja trying to beat Anu. Kalpana asks Roja to drop down it. She listens to her. Anu notices Annapoorna there and dashes her head on wall. Anu lies to Annapoorna that Roja beaten her. Annpoorna lashes out at Roja for it. Arjun and Kalpana supports Roja and stands for her. Anu plays a innocent drama there. Yasodha and Balu too supports her. Arjun questions Balu Is he preplanned to record this video? He deny it. Anu creates a fake story against Roja.

Episode end.