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Today’s episode starts with Arjun gives juice to Roja and ask her to drink it. She drinking it slowly Arjun is busy in admiring her. After she finish drinking it he offers juice again to her. Roja refuse to drink it but he force her to drink it.

Roja drinks it for him. He again gives juice to her she refused it and ask him to drink it. He says to her that she donated blood his wife bloos so she needs energy. Roja replies to him she don’t need this all but his support enough. He praise her for following his tactics. He drinks it while flirting with her. Arjun open back door and shows the fruits to Roja and ask her to eat it whenever she is free.she says to him before she used to donate blood a lot but none treated her like this.

Arjun replies to her now she is Arjun wife. He says to her this fruits is for her only. Roja widen her eyes and ask him to donate it to Orphanage.  He says to her this is what he likes from her. He hugs her Roja ask him to leave her orelse Annapoorna will see them. Manickam assisstant waiting outside of ICU. Doctor informs to her that her condition is serious we find out a head injury in the MRI scan. She needs an immediate operation. She ask Doctor to do it.

 But doctor replies to her they need blood relation sign to do this operation to her. Because its an risk surgery so sign is must. She says to her that police came and done enquiry they are searching for her but please do the operation to her at any cost. Doctor replies to her money is not the matter but rules is rules. Assisstant tries to call Manickam but mobile is in silent because he is in meeting.

Kalpana giving Orange to Roja she is also eatinh it. She ask to her will she get well soon. Kalpana assures to her she will. She replies to her that her mind is not in peace because of her state she wanna see her coming back to her life fit and fine. Kalpana praise her.

Roja says to her when she was in Orphanage they used to prayer before eating food on that time we don’t have any idea whom helped them and where should thank though we did it for those unknown faces. Kalpana says to her that many fights to enter in Arjun life but Roja came to his life unexpectedly that is why Annapoorna is angry on her. If she didn’t come Anu turns to be his wife now. But she is damn sure he may elope from mandap then marrying her. Her good deeds brings this beautiful life to Roja. Annapoorna comes there along with Pratap, Yasodha and Balu.

Kalpana ask to her Is Anu alone in room. Annapoorna replies to her that room is cleaning. Manickam assisstant comes there Roja stops her and enquire about Shenbagam state. She narrates everything to Roja whatever Doctor informed to her. Roja says to her she will talk with doctor. Assisstant stops her and explain to her its waste of time they need relation signature for the surgery its hospital procedure. Roja assures to her that she will sign for her.


Annapoorna stops Roja and orders her to don’t go because already Doctors were scared to attend the patient then how will she allow Roja to do it. Whatever she gonna do it will affect her son life. Roja says to her its one life matters so she wanna rescue her. She will face everything for it. Annapoorna again stand in her decision and ask Kalpana to stop her doing this foolishness.

Yasodha too added she can do anything once she was alone not with family. What’s the need to rescue this unknown person so she didn’t come here for Anu. Roja complaints its a matter of life then how comes she speak life this without wetness in her heart. Annapoorna ask to her what did she know about her? How many persons ate by her hand and got educated in her money. She donated money for all without thinking once. Then why didn’t her good deeds saved her daughter on that day? Even she doesn’t know where was her body too.

 Roja says to her to think like her good deeds may saved her daughter. She may alive in somewhere. One day she will be back to her. Annapoorna stare her emotionally. Roja assures to her that she gonna do a good deeds now so its blessings will reach to Annapoorna only. She thinks if her daughter return to her then nothing she need then this.