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The episode starts with Shanthamoorthy says that Sakshi’s goon beaten him when did he refused to give the land to her. She murdered Ganaesh and buried him in that ground to close his orphanage. Even Priya has link in this case that’s why Priya settled in Annapoorna house in the name of Anu. Chandrakantha asks him to confess this truth in court. He shouldn’t be scared of anything. He wants to say the truth boldly. Shanthamoorthy assures to him that he will definitely say it in court. He is not scared of anyone now. Arjun asks him to Maintain this confident. He leaves from there.

Dileep calls to Sakshi and informs to her that Roja, police and Arjun came to meet Shanthamoorthy in jail. He mentioned Sakshi name to him. He is adamant to prove the case this time. Sakshi says to him that she will take care of it. Sakshi calls to Anu and informs to her the same thing. She says to her that Arjun is planning something big. She asks Anu to be alert and follow his every moves.

Chandrakantha says to Arjun that he wants to check the details in office. Arjun excuses Roja and asks her to leave alone in auto. He leaves with Chandrakantha. Anu is thinking about Sakshi’s word. Annapoorna comes there and questions her why is she doing this all? She asks to her where is Roja? She says to her that she is not in home. Anu complaints to her that Roja smartly stopped the transaction to her account. She is teasing her that her game is going to end. Annapoorna says to her that they are dancing in fear. All these properties will come to her name. Even Shenbagam has rights in this house so this house is belongs to her only.

Roja comes there. Annapoorna stops her. She questions her where were she went? Why did she going out without informing to her? Because of her Anu is cooking in kitchen. Roja says to her that she didn’t ask her to cook anyone. Annapoprna complaints that she is a sugar patient so she needs food on time. She lashed out at Roja for not cooking on time. Kalpana supports Roja. She says that Roja is cooking daily so Anu can cook for today. If she get marry then who will cook in her house. Annapoorna says she is Shenbagam daughter she don’t wanna cook anywhere. Arjun comes there and questions Kalpana is they scolding Roja as usually?

Annapoorna complaints that Sumathi is not in home. she is not here then Roja wants to do this job here. Arjun says to her that Roja is not servant here. He is not even treated Sumathi as servant. Annapoorna questions him Is he asking her to leave from this house? Arjun says to her that Anu wants to leave from here. Soon DNA test will come on that day everything will be out. She can’t able to change the report this time. Court clearly asks him to follow it.

Arjun says that Anu’s day is on counting. Annapoorna asks him to clear it. He informs to her that Anu is going to jail. She asks him to stop it. Manickam is big lawyer then him. He will never allow her to go to jail. She stares Shenbagam. She says that Shenbagam will never see her child is in danger. She will definitely come to help her child in any way. Arjun smirks at her. Annapoorna challenges him that he can take any test but Shenbagam will prove to all on her death day that Anu is her daughter. Annapoorna asks Anu to leave from there.

Arjun asks Kalpana and Roja to be chill. Shenbagam will give signal to all that Roja is this house daughter. He will definitely prove it to all. He leaves from there. Anu is keep thinking about Arjun’s word. She gets scared to think about Jail. She dials to Sakshi and informs about it. Anu says to her that this time they can’t able to change the DNA test. Sakshi alerts her that Arjun is adamant to prove her identity this time. Anu asks her to stop scaring her. Sakshi asks her to kneely follow Arjun’s move in Shanthamoorthy case. If they are not in update then they can’t able to win over him.

Sakshi asks Anu to fix micro mike in his room. If she don’t fix it then they can’t able to find any details from him. Anu assures to her. Anu is staring the pen. Balu and Yasodha comes there. She says to them that she was expecting them. She informs to him that she has one job for him. She adds that she is going to write her own destiny. She asks him to place this pen in Arjun’s room. Balu questions her Is she going to take video of their room? She says to him that she is not that cheap. She is going to listen their conversation.

Episode end.