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The episode starts with Anu informs to Balu that she fixed mike in this pen. If she places inside Arjun room then she can able to find out their plan against her. Anu says that its Sakshi’s plan. Balu thinks that he knew well she will never get such good idea. Anu asks him to stop thinking in mind. She alerts him that he might place it in his room. If he places it somewhere else she can’t able to hear anything. Balu refuses to place it in Arjun room in fear. Anu enters inside Arjun room and places it inside pen stand. She on it and leaves from there. Arjun comes to his room and searches for Roja in his room. He complaints that his wife has no responsibility. She wants to come and collect his bag lovingly. She is not doing anything. Anu is hearing this all through mike. Arjun is stating the calendar and admires the baby photo. He reminds Kalpana’s word and takes out the dress. He is staring it lovingly. Roja comes there and close his eyes. She questions him how did he find out that she closed his eyes. Arjun says that’s Arjun. Roja complaints that only she has the rights to do it. Arjun says that Anu is here. Roja strictly says that he is only his. Anu thinks that they are not talking anything favour to her instead romancing with each other.

Arjun says to Roja that everything will happen between us after Shanthamoorthy released from Jail. Roja asks him to release him first. Anu finds out that they didn’t finish their first night yet! Arjun says to Roja that kalpana wishes to see Grand kid. So at least for her they want to give birth to kids. Arjun says to her that she wants to ride the car. So she wants to learn how to ride it right? Just like that they wants to finish their first night first to wear this dresses. Arjun says to her they need one heir to this family. Arjun asks Roja to say name for baby boy. She mentions as ‘Arjun’. He asks her to say baby girl name. She mentions as ‘ Kalpana’. He says its old name. She adds that let’s say Kalpana are.. Anu thinks that they postponed the first night for that Shanthamoorthy right? They hidden this truth from all. If she inform this to Annapoorna then something big will happen here.

Annapoorna rings the bell there. Everyone comes there. Annapoorna makes Roja stands in front of Pooja room. She questions her Is she enter into this house after married to Arjun? Is they are real husband and wife? Or they are pretending like Husband and wife for others?
Kalpana thinks why did she questions like this? She informs to her that Arjun married her in front of them. Raja says to her that she don’t understand why did she asking like this now? She comments that she is acting a lot. Why is she acting like this? why did she stayed in this house? She raise her hand to slap her. Arjun stops her. He questions her what she want to know? Annapoorna questions him Is she real wife of him? She adds to him why didn’t she give birth to baby yet? Arjun teases her. Annapoorna explains the importance of baby there. She blames that Roja is unfit to give birth to a baby. All people will badmouth on her. Kalpana says to her don’t talk anything without unaware of the truth. Arjun supports Roja in front of all.

Arjun consoles Roja and says to her that daily fight will take place in this house. It’s usual here. Annapoorna complaints that he only knew to hug her and romance with her. Arjun questions her why did she getting jealous to see him romancing with his wife. Pratap questions her what’s bothering her? Why did she invited all after ring the bell? Arjun teases her that it’s his technique all are following it now. He is keep teasing her. Pratap asks Annapoorna to say the reason. Annapoorna complaints that Arjun and Roja are not real husband and wife. Reasoning they didn’t start their life yet. They didn’t celebrate their first night yet.

Episode end.