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The episode starts with Annapoorna says that god is living in this house. Arjun adds that she is also living here. Annapoorna glares him. She complaints that Roja and Arjun are not real husband and wife. Arjun says to her that his marriage was registered. Annapoorna complaints that they are not living together. Pratap says that they got married to 1 year then why did she complaining now? Annapoprna says that they didn’t celebrated their first night yet. So its clear that Arjun don’t like to live with Roja. He is living with her for some reasons. Anu says to all that they are acting like husband and wife not a real husband and wife. Arjun questions her Is she spy them or fixed any CCTV cameras inside their room? Annapoorna complaints that he only knew to blame Anu. She questions Roja Is she real wife to him?

Arjun says to her that he has no branch only Roma is his wife. Annapoorna asks her to promise in the name of god. Annapoorna says that she is standing silent. He can guess that they didn’t started their life yet. She adds that she lied to them that they are not capable to give birth to baby to know this truth. Annapoorna complaints that Arjun and Roja are pretending like husband and wife. He don’t like her that’s why he didn’t touch her yet. Balu thinks that he may here jobless but he gave birth to two kids.

Anu says that Arjun has no feelings on Roja. He brought her here to act like his wife. Now he has no idea how to throw her out. Annapoorna says that he can divorce Roja for this reason. So he can marry Anu after divorce this Roja. Arjun says to her that she can able to give death curse to him instead of this. He didn’t done any sin to marry Anu. Anu glares him. Kalpana asks him to say the reason behind his decision. Arjun says to all that Roja came to him for one case. Her request is to save Shanthamoorthy from jail. After became close with her he learnt that she is also innocent like his mom. Now he loves her to the core. He says to her that he will prove that Shanthamoorthy is innocent. After that he will start his life with Roja then he will release baby yearly once. Annapoorna asks him to go inside. Arjun teases her that Anu is the one going to go inside jail. She leaves from there.

Anu calls to Manickam. Anu enquires to him how is he? He says to her that he is not doing well. Anu says to him that Arjun is taking steps against her. He met Shanthamoorthy in jail to trap her in jail. He says to her that he came to know about it through his source. He says to her proudly that Arjun age is his experience! Anu lies to him that Roja don’t like her at all from jail. She married to Arjun after learning she was engaged to him. Now she is trying to snatch Manickam from him. He says to her that Roja is mental. He says to her that he will take the case for her. He will definitely prove to all that Shanthamoorthy is the criminal and hang him to death. He will make Arjun lose his face in court. Anu says to him that they are planning to kick her out on Shenbagam death day.

Manickam assures to Anu that he will prove on Shennagam’s death day that she is real daughter of him. He will never lose her again in his life. Anu pretends like emotional and says to him that she would have died. She is living only for him. He assures to her and cuts the phone. Roja is thinking about Kalpana’s word. She is staring the baby picture. Arjun comes there she mentions him as ‘ sir’. Arjun closes her mouth and takes her out.

Arjun says to her that something is fishy inside the room. Only they three knew their first night not happened yet? Then how comes Annapoorna learnt about it? So its definitely Anu’s plan. She may set something in their room to listen their conversation. Anu is trying to hear their conversation. He guess that she may set mike pen to listen it. They starts searching for it. Both Arjun and Roja are searching for it in their room. Naveen calls to Arjun and gives number to him. Arjun tries to take note signal is weak here. Arjun finds out the mike pen there. He signals Roja to stays quiet and shows it to her.

Arjun pretends like talking with Chandrakantha and says to her that everything is over. So they can definitely win in this case. Anu gets scared to hear it. Arjun pretends like praising Chandrakantha mam. Arjun lies to her that she gathered all evidence against Anu and Sakshi. He diverts Anu by giving wrong information. Roja pretends like praising Arjun. Anu is listening to all. Arjun romances with Roja to irritate Anu.

Episode end.