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The episode starts with Manickam is chanting mantras and following the Pooja. Roja is staring all in tears. She is feeling nervous there. Pandith asks Manickam to throw pindam in river. Roja pleads with him to don’t do it. She says to him that her mom is alive. Somewhere she is alive. Yesterday she came to her dream. She asks him to trust her. Manickam complaints to Annapoorna that this is why he asked her to don’t take them here. He is losing his peace if they comes in front of her. Arjun asks him to believe her. He says that she may be alive she came to her dream.

Kalpana adds that Amuthanayaki said the same. Anu stops them and says that they are doing sin. They are not allowing them to do a rituals. Again teases her. Anu complaints that they are teasing her in this situation too. She was fasting from yesterday. Manickam stares Anu. Roja asks him to believe her. Manickam questions her why is she looking her head in his family matters? He complaints that she is blocking him. Anu asks Annapoorna to send Roja from there. Arjun can stay here but not Roja. Arjun gets a call. Pandith asks Manickam to do the rituals. Roja reminds saint words and pleads with him to stop it. She pushes it away.

Manickam raises his hand to slap her. Arjun stops him and raises his hand against him. Annapoorna scolds Roja for creating scene there. She is not allowing her to stay peacefully. Roja says to her that Shenbagam is alive. Annapoorna says that its sin if they didn’t do any rituals to them. Roja says that its more sin to do ritual to the person who is alive. Annapoorna says that she will be happy if her daughter is alive. She is creating problem because she wants to be a competitor Anu. Roja says to all that she promise on god name her mom is alive. Anu can do this rituals because her mom is not alive. She can’t allow her family affected by it all. Anu gets a call from Sakshi. Manickam asks Anu to stop talking in phone. She didn’t heed to him. Arjun and Chandrakantha tracks their phone call.

Sakshi informs to her that Babu was caught by Chandrakantha. She adds that he was caught when he went to take that yellow file. If he opens his mouth then they are over. Police will come to her house if he open his mouth against her. She cuts the call. Manickam calls Anu. He questions her who is on call? Arjun asks her to say the truth. Anu complaints that Roja stopped all rituals. Arjun says that one day everyone will understand who is right? Manickam says that he disliked the way Anu talked with someone in phone.

Chandrakantha reaches to police station and enquires them Is Baby gives statement? He nods negatively. She questions Babu Is he eat anything? He asks her to leave him. She says to him that he entered inside and got caught he asks him to confess the truth. He says to her that he is a criminal but he is very loyal to his head. Chandrakantha asks him to be very loyal to good person. Arjun questions Chandrakantha about Babu. She lies to him that he turned out to be a approver. She informs to him that Sakshi’s phone is under surveillance. She confessed the truth through it. Arjun assures to her that he will add her in the list. Chandrakantha says to him that they may have no evidence against her but she can able to arrest her for trying to steal government things. Babu complaints that he didn’t said Sakshi name yet. Chandrakantha mentions him as fool. She says that he is after all a criminal he is loyal to her then why don’t she loyal to the truth? She service to government. She pushed him inside.

Kalpana asks Roja to be calm down. Aswin says that she didn’t done any wrong things. She behaved according to her heart. Arjun agrees with him. Aswin says that god is always with bad persons. Arjun asks him to think positively. Roja is still thinking about the incident. Arjun hugs her to console her.

Episode end.