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The episode starts with Arjun hugs Roja and consoles her. He says to her that she done a good thing. She is Shenbagam daughter. May be Manickam is a famous lawyer but he is not thinking anything apart from Anu. Roja says to him that her mom is alive she came to her dream. Amuthanayaki said the same. Arjun says to her that she took a correct decision. He informs to her that she trust Shanthamoorthy is innocent that’s the truth because he is innocent. It’s same in this matter too. Shenbagam is alive nothing to worry she will come search for her.

Kalpana comes there and says to her that she saw that blood relation in her while pushing away the plate. She saw that love on her eyes she never saw it in Anu eyes. She says to her that she is real Daughter of Shenbagam she didn’t done anything wrong here. She gifts Roja Shenbagam Sarie. She says to her that it’s favourite Sadie of Shenbagam because Manickam brought it for her while visiting temple. She asks Roja to wear it today. Kalpana adds that Shenbagam blessings will be with her. She will be with her. Japan’s asks her to wear it when Annapoorna and Manickam returns.

Raja fears it will create more problems in this time. Arjun asks her to wear it reasoning Kalpana may has any intention behind it. He will take care of all problems. Manickam reaches there. Pratap invites him inside but he refuses to go there. He informs to him that Arjun may create problems there. Yadodha says to him that Arjun is like that only don’t mind him. He enters inside the house. Annapoorna calls Kalpana there. She informs to him that food will be ready in few minutes. Arjun calls Roja to come down.

Manickam and Annapoorna notices her. She is resembling Shenbagam. Manickam shouts as Shenbagam seeing her. Everyone gets shock to see it. Manickam apologies to her and misunderstand her as Shenbagam. He informs to all that he considered Shenbagam as his mom. Annapoorna says to Kampala that she is resembling Shenbagam in this sarie. Arjun says to her that Roja is Shenbagam daughter. She carried Shenbagam in her womb then why don’t she identify the difference between Anu and Roja? Who is real daughter of Shenbagam?

Annapoorna notices that Roja is resembling Shenbagam. She poures out all love on Roja thinking about Shenbagam. Anu thinks that everything going out of her hand. Anu stops Annapoorna and diverts her. She asks them to don’t be confuse. Aswin says to her don’t be tensed when truth is about to come out. Annapoorna gave birth to Shenbagam so she know who is real grand daughter. Anu says that she is her daughter.

Aswin teases her that she is saying like that only but there is no proof. Anu says to Manickam that they are doing drama here to confuse them. Kalpana intentionally doing it all to confuse them. Arjun asks Anu to wear this sarie. They will understand who is real one then. Kalpana informs to them that Amuthanayaki already said to her that Roja is real one. Kalpana says to him that Annapoorna is adamant that Anu is her grand daughter but she too mentioned Roja as Shenbagam doesn’t it proving she is real one.

Anu complaints that Kalpana and Aswini too joined with Arjun to confuse them. Annapoorna asks them to stop arguing like this at least in Shenbagam death day. Arjun says to her that Roja said Shenbagam is alive so she can consider it as Shenbagam went missing today. Manickam says if she alive then he is happy too. Anu says to them there is no chance to be her alive. Arjun says to Anu that why she is adamant in it. Arjun says one story to Manickam. He asks them to find out the difference in their character. Annapoorna asks Anu to sing a song which her mother used to sing for her often. Anu says to them that she don’t remember it all. Arjun says Abhimanyu story to her. Roja feels nervous.

Episode end.