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Today episode starts with Ashok selvan blaming Roja and Arjun is betrayer both husband and wife planned together and entered into his house to destroy him . He won’t allow them to succeed in their plan. He tells her his husband is an criminal lawyer so he find out soon that he kidnapped Roja and comes search for her .

 Arjun driving the car he makes call to Ashok selvan . He smiled in sarcasm once he comes here he will finish his chapter because none can escape from lion cave  . See Arjun is calling by saying this he attend the call. Arjun ask about his whereabout ? Roja shouts to alert Arjun don’t come here he knew about all secrets . Ashok selvan slapped her.

Arjun shouts from opposite don’t touch Roja he is responsible for everything so deal with him . Ashok ask him to come soon orelse he will torture Roja . He warns him if he touch Roja he will kill him. Ashok selvan informs to him he was in same place where Arjun first spy him .  I’m coming Arjun says and disconnect the call .


Arjun entered into his place kicking away the boxes . His goons surrounds him. Arjun warns them to leave his way but they didn’t listen to him . Arjun starts to fights with them . Ashok selvan comes there pointing gun on Roja head . She is scared to death . Arjun again tells him he is the one planned to caught him and entered into his house Roja unaware of his intention so leave her.

Ashok selvan tells in sarcasm he gonna be a soon to be husband to Roja so he has all rights to slap her and romance her . Arjun got tensed. He points gun on Roja and give one option to him to die easily. He ask for the pendrive Arjun replies him that he didn’t take it. He don’t trust him . Arjun ask him to fight with him alone.

Both starts to fight each other Roja shouts his name often couldn’t see him getting beaten . When Arjun over takes him Ashok partner beats back of his head and faints. Roja shouts his name . Ashok points gun on Arjun and ask about the pendrive . Just then Renuka comes there along with Nisha . Ashok got shocked seeing her his whole life acting went in vain. He blames Arjun for his state .

Renuka tries to stop him torruring them . She informs to him she has the pendrive so leave them. Ashok don’t give heed to her words and shouts on his guards to takes them away . Renuka takes the gun and shoot Ashok selvan .

Arjun saves Roja. Renuka and Nisha cries seeing his body . Renuka handover the pendrive to Arjun . She tells him she gave birth to an devil. So atleast Arjun intention will be success. She informs to him how comes she know the secret while evesdropping their conversation . She tells Roja she behaved little selfish even after know the truth she thought Roja will change him if they get married but when she comes to know they are husband and wife she acted along with them for Arjun mission complete. Arjun and Roja stare Renuka in pity way.


Another side Kalpana , pooja and Aswin reach the hospital to prevent Sakshi goon replacing the orginal certificate into fake one . Kalapana blabbers to Pooja she was doing well as good daughter in law and mom till the day but now evetything changed she is doing security job at night .

 Pooja tells her its all thrill. Kalpana says Aswin is very good so kind to her and obedient one that’s why he waited this much to marry her if someone is in his position perhaps they eloped each other and got marry . Pooja and Aswin remind their marriage scene . Trio waits inside Sakshi’s person entered into hospital.