Rrahul Sudhir is currently seen on the Dabangii show. In his latest interview, he talks about business. Check out the full details below.

  1. How did you come up with the idea of starting a venture?

This venture didn’t just happen by chance. It feels like the universe handed it to me as a gift. It’s actually something my mother has wanted to do for a while. Then one day, I had the chance to start it, and I saw it as a blessing, so I took a leap of faith. I just knew this was the right thing to do—something I just had to do.

  1. Why clothing?

I owe it all to my mother. She adored clothes and loved dressing us up when we were kids. She had a unique sense of style that few people possess. She had a talent for finding the perfect outfit. For me, clothing became a tribute to her. I believe she saw clothes as a form of self-expression, a way to communicate without speaking. She was all about styling and wearing the appropriate attire for every occasion. It was her way of expressing her creativity and aesthetics.

  1. Is this your baby?

 This project is totally mine. I’ve got a team that assists me with daily tasks and manages things, allowing me to focus on my shoots. But overall, it’s all mine.

  1. Your dreams with this brand what aspirations?

 I dream that my brand becomes everyone’s go-to for self-expression. I want people to choose my brand when they want to express themselves. I hope RRA gives them the freedom to be who they are. It should reflect our life journeys and how we all strive every day to improve ourselves and make a difference for our families, loved ones, society, and country. Just as we pour our hearts and souls into our dreams, I want RRA to symbolize that effort. It should remind people that dreams demand hard work, consistency, and determination, and never giving up. I want my brand to be associated with perseverance in pursuing your dreams.

  1. Do you feek artists should have a side business alongside to make sure they are safe in the long run?

No, I don’t believe an artist needs anything else apart from their art. This one is for the slightly under-talented ones like me who fail every now and then.