Rrahul Sudhir talks about beating the heat in Mumbai on the dug-up roads and how he manages to shoot in these conditions.

  1. The heat in Mumbai is a killer. How do you manage shooting and making sure you deliver right?

Yes, it is hot and tends to make you uncomfortable. Most of the time, I forget that it is hot or fail to realize that I am perspiring only for the director to cut the shot and tell me. But I am insane, obviously.

  1. The BMC has dug almost all the roads in Mumbai. What is your take on this?

I tend to imagine that once we were a modern city with great infrastructure, we would definitely evolve into another one very soon. Unfortunately, growth and development come with a price to pay, and for a resilient city like Mumbai, the time taken has been a little more than beyond the patience of the people.

  1. You are shooting in a location far away from the main city of Mumbai. Do the dug-up roads cause any hindrance?

Well, there is metro construction happening on the JVLR. The first time there was a jam on JVLR, the entire crew was stuck for almost 3 hours. But everyone leaves much earlier than normal so that we can arrive on time and continue to shoot.