Music allows Saahil Uppal to feel all the emotions deeply. It also helps in disconnecting instantly from the routine commotion and takes him to a different zone altogether.

“I love music, so I explore all the genres. I love to get introduced to new genres. But to tell you the truth I mostly tune in to Punjabi songs. I am addicted to romantic songs by Sonu Nigam and Atif Aslam. I just love their voices. Among female singers, it’s Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal,” he says.

Saahil’s all time favourite songs include Paani Da Rang from Vicky Donor. “I can listen to this song in whatever mood I am in. This song makes me relaxed somehow,” adds the Pinjara Khubsurti Ka actor, who does not know how to play any musical instrument but is keen on learning the Guitar.

“That is on my bucket list and I am going to learn it as and when I get some time off shooting,” he says, revealing that while in school and college, he was one of those shy kids who sat in the audience and secretly wished to be on stage but had stage fright. So it’s amazing he could leave all that behind and become an actor.

Talking about advancement of technology is the reason why now we have access to all kinds of music, unlike those days of gramophone records, cassettes and CDs, he adds, “Every technology takes a back seat when the new ones take the place for betterment and convenience. Now we have the entire world of music in our phones, at our fingertips. What can be better than this? Although cassettes and CDs make me nostalgic, I have some lovely memories attached to it.”

Saahil says good music has the power to change our moods. “I have a song for every mood and situation that I play at that time. I have a workout album, a travel album, a monsoon album, an evening album, and a party album. Music is so close to my heart, it just fits seamlessly with every emotion and part of the day,” he shares.