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Episode begins with Gopi tells Anant that Kokila can get her son back. Kanak sees Gopi talking to Anant and Gehna. She says she thought Gopi will be crying right now but she is busy enjoying fresh air without caring about Kokila. She wonders why Gopi entered outhouse in disguised form and what relationship she has with Gopi kaka. She says Gopi looks naive but something is fishy definitely and she is also Kanak and decides to find the secret so she can expose her in front of everyone.

Gehna says tomorrow Guruji coming so Gopi can take advice from him. Anant says she can’t talk to him in front of everyone. Gopi says today Kanak brought Kokila to outhouse and Ahem saw Anant, it seems like complications keep increasing. Anant says she was alone till now but now he is with her and they can handle everything together. Gehna says she is also with Gopi. Anant asks does Gopi has any plan.

Next day, after pooja Praful gives money to Sanchi and Piyush. He calls Gehna and gives money to her. She denies to take it saying it’s not needed. He says it’s just his blessings and asks Kokila to make Gehna convince. Kokila tells Gehna to accept it and says she get to know that Gehna likes books so she can buy books using this money. Hema tells Chetan that five thousand decreased from one crore rupee.

.Gehna says she just wants their love nothing else. Kokila takes the money from Praful and gives it to Gehna saying she should accept his blessings if she respects him then. Gehna says Praful doing so much for her already and thanks him. Then she takes blessings from him and Jamuna. Kokila says Guruji may come anytime so they should finish the preparations. Gopi tries to talk to Kokila but she ignores her.

Kanak comes to Kokila and asks how is she now because yesterday Gopi broke her trust. She says Gopi’s behavior would have hurt her so much. Kokila taunts her thinking and leaves from there. Kanak says Gopi meets some other guy in outhouse that too in disguised form still Kokila taunting her instead of Gopi but she won’t stay silent, she will find the truth and will expose Gopi in front of everyone. Gopi, Anant and Gehna plans together.

Gopi says today Ahem should see Kokila. Anant and Gehna says they are ready to do their part. Gehna tells Gopi kaka to not leave the house today and pleads him to listen her at least this time. He says he will stay in the house only for her happiness. He apologize to him in her mind for lying to him but it’s necessary for him to stay here and hugs him. Jamuna says she got worried when she get to know about Kanak’s fracture and Hema’s fever but Gehna came to her and said she will handle the pooja and also the welcome preparations for Guruji. Praful welcomes Guruji. Sagar tries to mix the alcohol in Guruji’s water pot but Guruji’s assistant comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kokila pleads Ahem to come with her.