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Episode begins with Gehna studies while working in the kitchen. Paresh and Jamuna sees that. Jamuna signals him to go inside. He goes inside and says to Gehna that she can’t cook from now on. Gehna asks what happened and why he is saying like that suddenly. He says to her that till now only Pankaj, Chetan used to say but now Praful also feels that her cooking standard become low and it’s not tasty like before after all she is Mrs. Surat now. Jamuna joins him and says to Gehna that from the day she win the competition her behaviour changed. Gehna cries hearing them. Kanak thinks to enjoy the drama. Jamuna and Paresh starts laughing. Paresh says to Gehna that they were just joking and apologize to her. Jamuna asks her to concentrate on her studies.

Anant’s friend invites Anant to the party and asks about Radhika. Radhika hears that and says to Anant that they should go to the party. Anant hesitates thinking about Gehna. She says to him that Gehna must be feel uncomfortable with their friends gang and her exams also coming so let her concentrate on her studies. He thinks he used to go to lot of parties with his friends but today he is not feeling to attend the party without Gehna.

Jamuna says to Gehna that Kanak and Hema can make breakfast. Hema asks Gehna to concentrate on her studies saying she and Kanak will do the kitchen work. Kanak complaints about Gehna to Radhika. Radhika says to her that let Gehna study so she can spend time with Anant. Kanak says to her that if Gehna become something then what will she do. Radhika says to her that then they should do something to stop Gehna.

Gehna is not concentrating on her studies and keep talking about cooking to Anant. He asks her to concentrate on her studies. Hema says to her family that Radhika made breakfast today. Kanak asks Radhika that what is she doing instead of stopping Gehna. Radhika says to her that she also has to impress Desai family and for Gehna she already prepared something.

Anant scolds Gehna for giving wrong answers to all the questions. Radhika brings food and tells them to eat first. Kanak asks Radhika that what she did. Radhika says to her that she changed Gehna’s notes. She recalls how she went to Gehna’s room in the excuse of she wants Gehna’s help to pick one dress for her and changed Gehna’s notes and informs about it to Kanak. She says to her that now Gehna remembers wrong answers only. Anant asks Gehna about her notes. He shocks seeing the notes.

Later, Gehna says to her family that she is afraid of her exams and asks them to write ” All the best” for her. Everyone writes it and gives it to Gehna. Gehna tells Anant to call his friend who is an handwriting expert. Anant calls his friend. Radhika hears that and gets worried thinking Anant got to know that there is changes in Gehna’s notes. Anant recalls how he noticed the changes in Gehna’s notes and suspected Kanak. Gehna says to him that they can’t blame anyone without evidence and gives an idea to call his friend who is an handwriting expert. He praises her idea.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant’s friend says to Anant that he identified the handwriting.

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