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Episode begins with Radhika says to Kanak that Anant called handwriting expert to check the notes and if he get to know the truth then he will become her enemy. Kanak says to her that Radhika should have thought about all this before doing this. Radhika says to her that if she got caught then it will be problem for Kanak too. Kanak says to her that they should get rid of the notes. Radhika nods at her. Hema overhears their conversation and thinks to inform their plan to Gehna. She moves towards Gehna but Hiral stops her and gives laddu to her. Kanak smriks seeing that and asks Radhika to enjoy the drama. Hema was about to tell the truth to Gehna but stops and runs towards the bathroom. Kanak thinks now Hema won’t do anything so it’s time to get rid of the notes.

Anant introduces Gehna to his friend Rakesh. Rakesh gets surprised seeing Radhika there and asks her that what is she doing there. Paresh says to him that Radhika is their special guest. Anant asks Gehna to bring her notes. Kanak shocks seeing that Gehna locked her room. She enters the room through window and hides behind the bed hearing door opening sound. Gehna takes the notes from table and leaves from there.

Radhika shocks seeing notes in Gehna’s hand. She thinks seems like Kanak could not get rid of the notes and thinks after telling so many lies she entered this house but her one small mistake going to destroy everything. Gehna gives the notes to Rakesh. After some time, Rakesh says to Anant that he identified the handwriting. Radhika gets worried hearing him. Rakesh says to them that one is Anant’s handwriting and another one is Gehna’s handwriting. Radhika wonders why Rakesh didn’t identify her handwriting.

Kanak informs Radhika that she tore the papers which had Radhika’s handwriting. Radhika thanks her and says to her that they are in dangerous zone still because soon Anant, Gehna will find out that few pages missing in those notes. Kanak asks her to not worry saying she handled everything. Kanak tries to get rid of Gehna’s notes but Gehna stops her and says to her that she saw her when she was hiding in her room and that time itself she understood that Kanak is behind everything and she wanted to catch her red handed. Kanak says to her that she is not any thief. Gehna says to her that she just wanted to know the truth.

Kanak asks her to not blame her unnecessarily. Gehna says to her that she want to study and they can’t compete with each other. Kanak mocks her. Anant takes stand for Gehna and says to Kanak that she can’t stop Gehna by doing all this. Radhika says to Anant that they are getting late for party. Anant refuse to go to party saying he need to teach Gehna. Radhika says to Kanak that she won’t let Gehna study no matter what.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna leaves to give her exams.

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