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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Spoiler: Anant doubts on Gehna!

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Episode begins with Gehna wakes up and asks why Anant didn’t wake her early because she has so much work to do today. He says he finished his work now only. She gives ingredients list to him and asks him to buy it. She says after tonight’s party everyone will realise the importance of living together with family and says they will reunite today. He gives the file to her and tells her to keep this safely in cupboard and tomorrow he has to submit this.

Hema sees where Gehna keeping the file and enters the room and says they called laundry guy because they can’t wash clothes so if Gehna also has any clothes to wash then she can give those to him. Gehna says she will wash her clothes. Hema asks how can she do that today because for party preparations she already has so much work to do so just for today she can give the clothes to laundry guy. Gehna hesitates and Anant says Hema is right and asks her to give the clothes to laundry guy. Hema notices where Gehna kept the cupboard key.

Gehna was doing work in kitchen. Hema says she and Kanak will help her too. Kanak says they doesn’t know much work so Gehna has to guide them. Hema says she will call Sagar also for help and calls him. Gehna allot works to everyone. Sagar was keep staring Gehna and she tells him to concentrate on his work.

Praful and Jamuna sees their three daughter in laws working together in kitchen. Praful says if he knows that division will do this magic then he would have done it already. Jamuna says Gehna’s suggestion is really good. Paresh asks Jamuna to make kheer. Kanak asks him to click their picture and does it.

In party, Anant thinks she should do something and starts singing. Other family members too joins him. Chetan, Pankaj and Anant tries to steal sweets but Paresh catches them. Sagar watches everything and says today he is going to steal Anant and Gehna’s happiness and goes inside the house. He drops the key by mistake hearing someone’s footsteps he hides there. He notices Sapan and takes the key from floor.

Gehna says she saw Chetan’s picture and asks does he still plays guitar. Pankaj, Praful says Chetan is good guitarist. Gehna gives guitar to Chetan. Chetan plays it and starts singing. Anant asks Gehna to dance with him and they dances together and it turns out to be her dream. Jamuna blesses Chetan and asks Hiral about Sapan. Sapan joins them. Pankaj announces that now Kanak will dance.

Kanak starts dancing while Sagar sneaks into Gehna’s room and steals Anant’s file and says now Anant will end up in jail definitely. Jamuna asks Hema about Sagar. Hema lies saying he is not well so taking rest. Gehna goes inside the house to take her mobile charger.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police arrests Anant and Anant says his life’s biggest mistake is marrying Gehna.



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