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Episode begins with Sagar waits for groom and his family. He sees them and calls Kanak to inform about it, he takes Praful’s name loudly so they can hear him. They moves towards him hearing Praful’s name. Sagar was praising about Praful to Kanak. Groom’s family asks him that does he knows Praful. Sagar says he knows everyone from that family.

Groom’s father asks him about Gehna. In kitchen, Gehna was preparing food. Radhika comes there and asks what is she doing here when she told her to wait in Tiya’s room so she can help her to get ready and notices the dish Gehna was preparing. She asks is she preparing this for Groom’s family.

Gehna says Jamuna said Praful, Anant wanted to eat this since morning so it’s for them only and says she will leave this house soon so before that wants to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Radhika says she also likes this dish and taste it and praises it saying it’s so tasty. She says Groom’s family may come anytime and takes her with her to make her ready.

Groom’s father says they are here to see Praful’s daughter Gehna for his son. Sagar says his son seems fine only and asks is there anything wrong with him. Tiya says Gehna looking really pretty. Radhika says she even brought Gehna’s favorite flowers and shows it to her. Gehna says Champa, Chameli won’t ditch her ever. Radhika says they will support her always. Gehna gets emotional hearing her. She thinks this family doing so much for her and wonders what Groom’s family will think about her.

Radhika says Anant said marriage is every girl’s dream so she should also start the new beginning of her life. Tiya says Jamuna told her to get jewels from her if they needed for Gehna and tells Radhika to accompany her. Radhika tells her to go alone saying she will stay with Gehna. Tiya teasingly says Radhika will get chance to know about Jamuna more after all she is her future mother in law.

And they leaves from there. Kanak hears their conversation and gets irked with it and sarcastically says Gehna should not be emotional because her marriage didn’t happen yet. Gehna wonders how she is looking. Hearing the footsteps she assumes Anant as Radhika, Tiya and asks why they are disturbing Jamuna for jewels saying she doesn’t want them. Anant smiles at her and says today she is looking really good but something is missing and he will take care of it.

Radhika was praising the jewels saying it looks so traditional and beautiful. Jamuna asks did she really born in Singapore. Radhika says they just shifted to Singapore few years back and she born in Gujarat only and talks in Gujarati. Jamuna gets happy hearing her. Hema asks Kanak that why they are standing outside this room when they has to go to Gehna. Radhika likes one more jewel. Jamuna says her mother in law gave that jewel to her and she gives it to her and tells her to wear it for today. Kanak says first they will handle Kanak then Radhika and leaves from there.

Tiya makes Gehna wear the jewels. Radhika shows the jewel to Anant which Jamuna gave her. She says if he has guts then he should tell in front of everyone that he loves her and taunts him saying he is not romantic. Gehna takes blessings from Praful, Jamuna. Groom’s family talks bad about Gehna’s character. Sagar smiles hearing them and recalls how he revealed to them that she is servant of this house also how he instigated them against her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak says through online they won’t get good guy for Gehna.