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Episode begins with Gehna tells Radhika that her saree is really beautiful. Radhika says the Groom Anant selected for her also really good and she will like him too. Gehna says she feels like Groom’s family run away seeing her because she doesn’t know to speak English and all. Radhika tells her to not speak like that. Gehna tells Radhika to wear this saree saying she will look beautiful in this. Radhika says she doesn’t know to wear saree and tells her to wear saree so she can learn from her.

Gehna was about to go to bring her saree but Radhika stops her and tells her to wear her saree. Gehna asks how can she wear this saree when Anant bought this for her. Radhika says she is giving to wear now only not giving her permanently so will take it back. She says she gave Anant as wedding planner for her marriage and once her marriage happens he will be hers permanently. Gehna comes out wearing the saree. Radhika gets call from her mother and goes to out to talk to her.

Anant who came to Radhika’s room hugs Gehna assuming her as Radhika. Later he apologize to her for his mistake. Gehna starts to blabber. He says it was his mistake. Tiya who came there informs them that Groom’s family is here to see Gehna. Anant asks how is this possible when they were about to come tomorrow.

Radhika ,Tiya takes Gehna from there. Anant thinks he should get report from agency as soon as possible because he can’t take any risk this time. Groom’s mother says they wanted the bride like Gehna only. Gehna prays to God saying everything should go well for Praful,Jamuna because they faced a lot for her already. Aman’s mother and father praises Gehna. Praful says if Gehna wants she can talk to Aman.

Gehna says she is fine with his choice. Aman’s mother says they have one condition. Jamuna asks what is their condition. Aman’s mother says they wants marriage to happen within two days . Desai family shocks hearing her. Aman says he has to leave for his training and he has just two days. Hema cries saying Gehna is lucky to get a groom like Aman. Anant says two days is not enough for marriage preparations. Praful says Gehna is his daughter and he wants to do the marriage in grand way.

Anant goes from there making excuse and gets courier about Aman’s previous job details and tells Radhika that everything is normal so they can proceed for marriage . He tells Praful that they can do marriage in two days. Kanak agrees with Anant and distributes sweet to everyone. Pankaj asks Chetan that what happened to Kanak. Anant asks Gehna that is she happy with this alliance. Gehna says if her parents are happy then she is also happy but she has to leave this house and cries hugging Jamuna. Next day, Desai family starts Gehna’s marriage preparations. Sagar says he also wants to help them but Anant stops him and tells him to not come infront of Gehna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant saves Gehna before she falls down.