With wedding preparations started in Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, viewers are waiting for more drama and twist. With Gehna’s groom all set to meet her, she is nervous. The main question is whether Anant and Radhika end up together?

We will see how Hema will blame Sagar for leading on Praful to spend his money for Gehna’s wedding. Sagar will assure Hema that she will get her share. Here Praful and Jamuna will be discussing hoe after Gehna goes it will be difficult for everyone to do household works.

Radhika will plan a sweet surprise and take permision from elders. A nervous Gehna will be talking to her plant friends when she will be kidnapped to be shown the surprise. Radhika will arrange a kite flying thing, as Gehna loves it. She will thank Radhika and Anant will praise Radhika. Hema won’t be liking all this.

Everyone else would enjoy and Tiya and Anant will reminiscence their childhood moments. They do boys vs girls where girls will win. Kanak is watching everything and she wants to teach Gehna a lesson so she will spill oil on floor so that Gehna slips but instead Radhika will slip and fall of the terrace and will be seen hanging.

In upcoming episodes, we will see Gehna trying her level best to save Radhika.

But, will Radhika be saved? Will Kanak be caught behind this? It will be a nice twist point to watch. Keep following this space.