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Star Plus’s show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, is currently undergoing many twists and turns. Viewers are liking the twists and giving the show TRP. It will be interesting for the viewers to watch Anant making it special for Gehna but it will also be intense to watch Kanak and Radhika planning and plotting against the birthday girl.

In the current track, Gehna is sad that Anant believed Radhika that Gehna asked her to leave the house. With Anant’s changed behaviour even the Desai’s become worry for him. Here Radhika and Kanak think that they should do something big to separate Anant and Gehna. Praful and Jamuna make Gehna understand how it’s important to study so leave the kitchen work for Hema and Kanak. Hema will agree. Kanak will be very angry and thinks to ruin Gehna’s exam. Here, Anant gets a call from his friend for a party, they also ask Anant about Radhika. Radhika thinks this a perfect opportunity to increase the distance between Gehna and Anant. Radhika convinces Anant to go to the party together.

Anant says what about Gehna? Radhika will say but if she goes then how will she study and she will be awkward among our friends. Anant will get convinced but will still feel awkward that Gehna is not going with him. Here Kanak makes Radhika realize how they need to stop Gehna from studying as if she becomes a lawyer then she will have more power. Radhika changes Gehna’s notes due to which when Anant asks questions from her, she answers it all wrong. They are shocked to see that the notes have been changed. Here, Radhika makes breakfast for everyone to impress the family. There, Anant will think Kanak has done this but Gehna will think to show the notes to Anant’s friend who is an handwriting expert. Radhika gets worried thinking she might get exposed.

In the upcoming episodes, Anant’s friend will be given the notes to check the handwriting. He will analyse the handwriting and tell Anant he found out whose handwriting it is.

Will Radhika’s real motive be fulfilled in Desai mansion? What is in store for Gehna with Radhika’s entry? Who will Anant support?

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