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Star Plus’s show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, seemed to have taken a classic love triangle road but there is more to this love triangle of Anant, Radhika and Gehna. Radhika is going to make things really difficult with her entry in the Desai family. With matters now being Radhika vs Gehna, Anant is likely to support Radhika due to her mental breakdowns. Anant blames himself for making Radhika land up in a toxic and abusive marriage.

In the current track, Here, Paresh and Tiya try to send Gehna to her room so that they can decorate the house. The kids play with water balloons so they try to target Gehna but Kanak will throw a water balloon on Gehna out of anger and this leads to Gehna going to her room. Tiya then keeps a fake lizard infront of her room and then they all start decorating the house. Kanak is unable to find out what is the party and decoration all about. Gehna fears the lizard and this makes her stay in her room.

Here, Anant reaches Radhika’s house and sees many pictures of Radhika in hallway. Radhika says it was her husband’s idea. Anant feels something wrong in those pictures. Radhika goes to kitchen to make coffee. Just then Anant hears Radhika screaming on phone that how can you doubt me so much. He goes to kitchen to find Radhika who has attempted suicide. Anant will call Sapan who will help in curing Radhika. Then, Radhika reveals how her husband tortures her and shows Anant her wounds and says he always doubts on her. Here, everyone in Desai family is waiting for Anant to come with Gehna’s gift. When Anant arrives, Hema asks her to show Gehna’s surprise gift. Anant reveals that he got Radhika with him. Anant then says Radhika is going to stay with them from now on.

In the upcoming episodes, After Radhika’s entry to Desais on Gehna’s birthday and Gehna knowing about Radhika’s intentions to get Anant back, Gehna will not feel right with Radhika’s presence in the house. She will think to talk to Anant. She will finally confront Anant about Radhika’s comeback. While on the other side Kanak and Radhika will plan against Gehna.

What new plans will be made by Radhika and Kanak in Gehna’s birthday? Will Anant be able to answer Gehna’s confrontation?

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