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At the beginning of the episode, Gehna calls Jamuna and Praful and tells them the whole story. Jamuna gets shocked to hear that Surya’s family is doing all this with him. Jamuna asks Gehna if Surya is so selfless. Gehna answers yes. She tells them how Surya saved her even when she was trying to send him to jail. Praful and Jamuna ask her to stay in Mumbai till she finds out the truth.

Praful thinks to send some money to her. She refuses. Jamuna says that she is their daughter and right now she needs them so they should help her. Hema listens to them and thinks to inform Kanak about this. On the other hand, Sikander comes to meet Surya. He says to him that he is unable to save him.

Surya asks him not to feel guilty. Later he says to Sikander that Gehna is still in danger as they haven’t found out the real culprit. Sikander asks him not to think about Gehna as she is playing with his heart. Surya says to him that even though she hid her identity from him but he doesn’t think that she is playing with him.

Sikander gets angry and says that if trust Gehna so much then he should tell everyone that he is Kabir so that he can stay with Gehna happily. On the other hand, Kanak asks Jamuna to give her some money as she wants to go out of town. Jamuna gets angry and says that there Gehna is fighting for Anant and here she wants to go out. Kanak angrily says that Gehna is not fighting for Anant but having fun with their money with her lover. Praful gets irritated and asks her to shut up.

There Kanak comes to meet Surya and tells him that from now on he is her lawyer. Kabir stands shocked seeing that she is a lawyer. He asks her how many things she has hidden from him. Gehna doesn’t reply to this and gives him a paper. She asks him to sign it. He asks what is this. She tells him that these papers are of freedom. He refuses to sign it as he feels that she is trying to send his brother to jail.

Gehna tries to make him understand that he should sign the papers so that they can find out the real culprit. Later Arjun comes to Sikander and tells him that Surya got a lawyer. Sikander stands shocked and asks who is his lawyer. Gehna comes there and says that she is fighting for Surya. Sikander and Arjun stand shocked.

Precap: Gehna says to Sikander that soon he will be in jail.

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