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Episode begins with Nityam goes to garden. He recalls the moments he shared with Raksham. Vedika comes there and tells him that he should not have left like this. He tells her that she know about his feelings still she made him sit in the bharat milap. She refuses to argue on the topic. He asks her to blurt out everything. She tells him that she wanted him to understand bharat milap. She says that she gets afraid when he gets angry hearing about brother topic. He tells her that Raksham run away from them and their house. She tells him that Raksham will return due to their love.

Meanwhile, Shivam reaches Dalmia house. He gets shocked seeing Vedika. He recalls that how Vedika used to call him as Raksham. Nityam tells Vedika that this puja can’t erase the hatred he have for Raksham. Shivam recalls the moments he shared with Nityam when they were kids and also their last meet.

Nityam tells Vedika that Raksham ruined everything. He says that Raksham is the reason for his father’s death. He adds that Raksham run away like a coward. Shivam says that he was kid that time. Nityam tells Vedika that he won’t forgive Raksham never. Shivam learns that Nityam is Saavi’s husband. Meanwhile, Priest finishes bharat milap narration. Saavi recalls that how Nityam struggled to sleep at night and how Uma devi talked about family secret.

Nityam tells Vedika that her efforts can’t change anything. Shivam expects Vedika to defend him. He wonders that if Vedika also did not forgive him. He says that he hoped they will hug him if they meets him. He says that he lost all the hope today and leaves from there. Saavi comes to garden. She sees Shivam leaving the house. She follows him in the car.

Vedika tells Nityam that she is tired of seeing his hatred for Raksham. She tells him that Raksham was a kid that time and Raksham is suffering by staying away from them. She says that she is suffering because of Nityam. She adds that she had to choose Nityam over Raksham due to Nityam’s nature. She says that she gets worried about Raksham always. She tells him that this would not have happened if Nityam had forgiven Raksham then. He tells her that she hate him so much. He promises to bring Raksham back to her. She tells him that he is selfish. She says that he know to hurt others but he won’t heal his wound. He leaves from there.

Creditors stops Saavi’s car. They reminds Saavi about agreement. Nutan tells Ratna to call Sonam. Sonam comes there and cries hugging Ratna. She tells her that everything is over. Shivam goes to police station to give complaint against Sonam.

Episode ends.

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Saavi Ki Savaari 24th November 2022 Written Update: Shivam decides to meet Saavi