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Episode begins with Saavi asks God to give her strength to punish Dimpy for her wrongdoings. On the other hand, Rishikesh gives sweet to Sonam. He asks her that where is she going. Sonam tells him that she is going out for an important work. He says that he is an elder of this family and Sonam should get his permission to go. She tells him that even Nutan did not questioned her like this. She says that she need to go. He tells her that he won’t let her go until she informs him that where she is going and he goes inside. Sonam tells Nutan that it’s an urgent work. She asks her mother to handle everything and leaves the house. Rishikesh comes out and scolds Nutan for giving too much freedom to her daughters.

Nityam calls Uma Devi and tells her that she is an important member for their family and her health is important. Uma Devi tells him that she is feeling bad that she could not attend navratri puja this year and disconnects the call. Kiran comes there and informs Nityam that media people has been arrived. And they are waiting to see Raksham and Nityam together. Nityam tells him that he won’t go anywhere. Kiran asks him to go, at least to pray for Uma Devi.

Saavi gets shocked seeing Sonam in navratri puja pandal. Sonam tells her that she know Saavi is planning to expose Dimpy with Himesh’s help. She says that Dimpy tried to kill Raksham, so she want to help Saavi. She asks her to give asur outfit to her. Saavi tells her that it’s dangerous. And moreover third person can’t know about their plan. She notices that red ribbon is missing and she goes out to searches it.

Nityam comes there. He notices Saavi and asks her that what is she doing there. Media people takes their photos. Saavi tells Nityam that they are husband and wife for 6 months. He asks her that if she want to show off, they are happy married couple. They poses for media people. Raksham tells Vedika that everything is show off, so she should not have any hope. Vedika tells him that hope is everything. Priest asks them to come for puja. Nityam and Saavi performs aarti. Meanwhile, Nutan tells God that today Saavi is going to fight against asur. She asks God to not let Saavi lose today.

Raksham thanks guests for coming. He announces performance and the performance begins. Dimpy wonders that where is Shekhar. Saavi thinks that she should be in asur outfit, wearing red ribbon. She plans to wear asur outfit after the performance. Dimpy searches Shekhar and she sends Himesh from there. Saavi notices Dimpy. She is about to leave from there but Nityam stops her.

Sonam comes there in asur outfit, wearing red ribbon. Saavi and Dimpy notices Sonam. Saavi wonders that if that’s Himesh. Dimpy follows Sonam. Saavi follows Dimpy. She calls Himesh and learns that he is not in asur outfit. And she realises that Sonam is in asur outfit. She gets worried thinking that Sonam don’t know, Dimpy has knife.

Episode ends.

Precap –  Nityam throws Dimpy out of the house. Saavi tells Dimpy to not return again.

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