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Episode begins with Saavi realises that Sonam is in asur outfit and Sonam don’t know Dimpy has knife with her. Dimpy follows Sonam, assuming Sonam as Shekhar. Saavi tells herself that she has to stop Sonam. Media reporters surrounds her. Kiran tells Saavi that Nityam is waiting for her. Saavi and Nityam dances on “Nagada Sang Dhol” song. While dancing, Saavi tells Nityam that he should know what’s happening in the pandal and she need his help. Nityam asks her that why he will help her. She tells him that it’s about someone’s life. He asks her to not create a scene, because she got what she wanted. She tells him that Dimpy is dangerous for them. He takes her with him. Vedika asks Raksham that if he saw that.

Dimpy catches Sonam. She talks to Sonam, assuming her as Shekhar. Sonam hope that Saavi is recording everything. Dimpy tells Sonam that contract killer did not kill Raksham.

Saavi takes Nityam to change room. She says that Sonam would have wore asur outfit to expose Dimpy. Nityam tells her that they should check the CCTV footage. They watches the CCTV footage. Nityam tells Security guard to show the live telecast of Dimpy and Sonam’s conversation.

Dimpy reveals that she entered Dalmia house to destroy Nityam. She says that she is behind Raghuvanshi factory’s bomb blast and she bribed media reporter to expose Saavi is driving auto after marriage. And she even gave poison to Himesh and lied to everyone that it was food poison. She scolds Sonam for asking for money when Raksham is still alive. Dalmias gets shocked hearing her. Raksham calls police. Saavi tells Nityam that they should go and stop Dimpy before Dimpy attacks Sonam.

Dimpy takes the knife and Sonam tries to escape. Himesh tells Dalmias that Saavi is in asur outfit. Dimpy stabs Sonam. Dalmias gets shocked seeing that. Sonam screams in pain. Dimpy removes Sonam’s mask. She gets shocked seeing Sonam. And she apologizes to her. She asks her that what the latter is doing there. Sonam tells Dimpy that the latter’s game is over. Dimpy realises that Sonam tried to expose her. She hears police jeep siren sound and runs from there.

Saavi apologizes to Sonam. She blames herself for Sonam’s condition. She tells Nityam to call ambulance. Raksham comes there and tells Saavi to catch Dimpy. He says that he called ambulance. Saavi leaves from there. Raksham tells Sonam that nothing will happen to her. Sonam loses her consciousness.

Dimpy learns that Himesh is with Sonam and Saavi. And everyone saw live telecast of her confession. She hides from police. Later, Saavi finds Dimpy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam says that they should handover Dimpy to police. Himesh says that he is Dimpy’s accomplice. Dimpy tells Himesh that he is a good person. She thinks that she won’t back off.

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