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Episode begins with Saavi finds Dimpy. Saavi tells Dimpy that this time she won’t let the latter escape. She says that Dimpy troubled her always still she was silent, but this time Dimpy crossed her limits by hurting her family members. On the other hand, Sonam tells Raksham that she did it for him and for their love. And she love him. Raksham pick her up and tells her that he won’t let anything happen to her and leaves from there.

Dimpy tells Saavi that Dalmias don’t deserve the latter’s kindness. She reminds her that Dalmias accused Saavi in the past and they are selfish people. She asks her to join hands with her and they will destroy Nityam together. Saavi tells her that she love Dalmias selflessly and she don’t expect anything from them. She says that she won’t spare the person who tried to harm Nityam. And Dimpy has to pay for her misdeeds.

Meanwhile, police officer searches Rishikesh and he finds him. Rishikesh gets shocked seeing that police officer there. Police officer hugs Rishikesh. Rishikesh notices the bribe money. Police officer asks him that what the latter is doing there. Rishikesh tells his friend about his motive.

Nityam throws Dimpy out of the house. He says that he did not handover her to the police in the pandal, to save their reputation. He says that Dimpy did everything for money, power and her selfish reasons. He tells her that she love herself only and she played with others life. And Dimpy deserves to rot in jail. Dimpy pleads Vedika and Nityam to not call the police. She says that Dalmias are good people so they should not handover her to police. And she accepts that she made mistakes. He tells her that he is ready to stoop her level to punish her. But he is not doing anything due to Uma Devi’s sake.

Vedika tells Nityam that Dimpy won’t change and they can’t stoop like Dimpy. She tells Dimpy that they gave love and respect to her. But Dimpy betrayed them. She orders her to leave the house. And she is glad God showed Dimpy’s real face to them. Himesh apologizes to Thasvi. He tells Nityam and Vedika that he supported Dimpy in her misdeeds.

In the hospital, doctor tells Saavi and Raksham that stab is not deep, so Sonam is fine now. Raksham takes care of Sonam. Saavi asks Sonam that why the latter took risk. She pretends like everything was Sonam’s plan to expose Dimpy. Raksham tells Sonam that he never thought she will risk her life for his family. Sonam thinks that this is what she wanted.

Dimpy says that Himesh love her, so she took advantage of that. And Himesh tried to stop her always. Himesh says that he also deserves punishment. Nityam tells Himesh that the latter need not to leave the house. Everyone goes inside except Dimpy. Dimpy thinks that Saavi is responsible for all this, and she won’t accept her defeat.

Episode ends.

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