By Gossips Tv : In a surprising move, Sony Sab TV has decided to axe its recently launched show “Aangan Apno Ka” due to poor ratings and backlash from viewers. The show, which premiered with much fanfare, failed to impress audiences with its storyline, which deviated from its original focus on the father-daughter relationship to a typical saas-bahu saga.

Despite a talented cast, including Samar Varmani, Aayushi Khurana, and Aditi Rathore, the show struggled to gain traction and was criticized by netizens for its boring and predictable narrative. The show’s failure to address the issues it initially set out to explore led to a significant drop in viewership, prompting the channel to take the drastic decision to pull the plug.

“Aangan Apno Ka” will be replaced by Sargun Mehta’s new show “Badal Pe Paon Hain” from June 10th, airing at 7:30 pm. The new show promises to bring a fresh and exciting storyline, and viewers are eagerly awaiting its premiere.

The cancellation of “Aangan” serves as a reminder that audience engagement and feedback are crucial to a show’s success. The channel’s decision to listen to viewer feedback and make changes to its programming is a positive step towards providing better content for its audience.