With people getting offended at the drop of a hat today, actor Sahil Khattar, his sense of humour and his ability to take a joke to come as a breath of fresh air. The actor, who plays the role of wicket-keeper Syed Kirmani in Kabir Khan’s 83, has become the talk of the town with his portrayal of the same. The two share an uncanny resemblance with the same hairstyle (or lack of it!). This look seems to have gone viral and people are making memes of the same. However, Sahil is not annoyed, in fact, he is thrilled. 

“I am glad that a lot of people on the internet are finding me and Syed Kirmani as similar as twin brothers. I have been getting a lot of love from the fans. People are laughing at us, which I love. I am coming from a world of internet, where my career started on YouTube, I can understand their love. They have made so many memes and I am so happy that people have seen our similarity and our hard work has worked. I am not feeling bad if they are making jokes or laughing. I feel humour is a humour and were there is a joke, you should crack that. A lot of media organisations picked up the looks and complimented me as well,” he says.

He adds, “People made memes calling us pudhina and dhaniya, Judwaa 3 casting, The Rock and pebble. I am happy that the look went viral and people noticed us. We worked so much on this look and I am happy that people have lapped it up.”

Well! We sure love this look as well and can’t wait to watch Sahil on the big screen! 

He further says, “Thank you, everyone, for the support and the laugh riot you guys gave us with the look comparison between Mr Syed Kirmani and me. I guess everything on the internet comes with a price and we should take it with a pinch of humour. I’d know best about coz my career is because of YouTube and I’ll surely practise what I preach.”