Saltant to expose Kainaat before Zaroon

Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera has finally reached the highest point of the storyline. The writers of the show are coming up with one after another twist in the ongoing episodes. All in all the audience of the show is watching some high voltage drama is taking place between Saltanat and Kainaat. It was not a new fact to know about Kainaat being obsessed with Zaroon and his love. She crossed all the limits and barriers for her obsession and even try to kill Saltanat for that matter. From long her activities and real face is hidden from Saltanat and the entire family except for Zainab. Whereas now Saltanat gets to know about the person responsible for the mess in her life.

As per the past episodes of the show, Saltanat is always doubtful about her being abducted and then find herself from the pool of her house. Recently she gets some evidence which made her curious about reality. She investigated and got to know that it’s none other than Sabina and Kainaat who are responsible for her state. She confronted Kainaat and decided to disclose the truth in front of all family members. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see another big twist where Zainab will reveal about she is the real mother of Saltanat by birth, thus Kainaat is her twin sister and not a cousin. This comes down as a huge shock to Kainaat and Saltanat both.

Kainaat on the other hand to save herself pretends to eat poison and do suicide. She fakes her apology in front of Saltanat and pretends to repent her deeds. On the other side, Saltanat will disclose everything to Zaroon which leaves him shocked and angry at the same time. He asks Kainaat to stay away from them and their matters and tell her about not loving her ever. Well, only time can tell what she will do next now?