In search of network Sid lifts Ishani and apart from eye-locks and search of a single strand of network, they continued their argument. Highlights goes something like this – 

Sid: Kitni bhari bharkam ho

Ishani: In dole shole mein  hawa bhar ke rakhi hai, aur uncha uthao mujhe

Sid: Uthane ka kaam bhagwan ka hota hai, doctor ka nahi

Ishani: Bahut funny lag rah hai, Sanjivani jake apne sense of humor ka ilaz karao

Sid: Tum apne dimag ka ilaz karao

Ishani: Aur uncha uthao mujhe

Sid: Sir par baith jao mere

Here in hospital Anjali receives a gift hamper from some mystery person. Later, she says Vardhan thank you but he deny sending her any gift. Juhi comes to her and tell her she has send that hamper. She also invites her on dinner at her home. 

Asha tries to trick Rishabh only to discover that he is the one responsible for posters against Ishani. She also learns that he has done this to separate Sid and Ishani. Also he warns Asha not to disclose him otherwise he will ruin her career. When other junior doctors met her, Asha says she has proof that Sid is innocent. 

SidIsha get a single strand of tower and they immediately calls Asha. On speaker Sid informs about disease of Neil’s father. Also they ask for a rescue as they stuck in bunglow. 

At Juhi’s home at dinner, Juhi tries to find out root cause of Anjali’s hatred for her. Later, Shashank joins them who is equally shocked to Anjali as she herself is. It was Juhi’s plan so that father-daughter can sit and sort things out. But, Juhi gets a shock of her life when Anjali discloses that she was expelled from Sanjivani because Shashank loved her. 

Next day, Neil hugs (tries 😆 ) Ishani to save his father. But she directs to Sid saying he found the root cause. Neil hugs Sid. Ishani is still reluctant to forgive Sid. Sid give them good news that they have one day off for Bappa’s Darshan and they all are invited to his home for whole celebration. He specially invited Ishani but she said he cannot ask for forgiveness in name of Bappa. Asha interrupts and play the recording of Rishabh which she took when he was confessing his doings. Sid says to Ishani now he hope that he gets forgiveness from her and goes. Ishani thinks that she has to change herself because today she is thinking about Sid being guilty, another day could be someone else.  


Ishani says sorry to Sid in front of everyone. Later, at Puja, Sid’s mother pull Ishani’s ear. 





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