today episodes starts with Juhi announcing Sid’s surgery as successful. Ishani is in happy tears. Juhi allows everybody to meet Sid. Mother of Sid thanks Juhi. Everybody thank GOD including Ishani. 

Sid came to senses and everybody meets him. Ishani also come in the room but behind everyone when nurse came to inform her that Dr. Reddy is calling her urgently. 

Rishabh tries to keep her busy with help of Dr. Reddy. He thinks that he will not let Ishani escape to do some other work.

Anjali came to see Sid. He asks her about Shashank, she says he will come soon to meet him. Other side, senior nurse informs about Sid’s operation to be successful. 

Ishani tries to leave for 10 minutes to check Sid but Rishabh manhandles her. He even do false complain to Dr. Reddy. Ishani requests him to give permission to meet Sid but Dr. Reddy says she is the one who play by rules. So, rules are rules and she cannot go. He asks him to bring the files asap. 

Shashank and nurse talks in lift while going to meet Sid. Shashank says why he is so affected by Sid. Nurse replies that some relations are from heart. He may have some old relation with him. Juhi enters in lift. Shashank says thanks to her but she respond in sarcasm. 

Mother of Sid leaves in hurry when she realizes Shashank is coming. Ishani completes her work.

In lift, Nurse talks like a boss to shashank. They came out but mother who is waiting for lift hides from Shashank. 

Shashank says that he cannot loose him. Sid crack a joke that he is worried about Vardhan giving him bills. He asks for Ishani but Shashank says she is blaming herself so he have to take care of that. Sid says it’s been three years but he never get a chance to arrange a meet between his mother and Shashank. 

Outside the door, Ishani blames herself. Again, nurse calls her for some urgent work by Dr. Reddy.

Finally, Ishani meets Sid. He is sleeping. she puts her hand on his forehead. When she checks that he is fully asleep then she holds his hand. Asha sees that and says that Ishani is getting touchy to Sid. 

Ishani ran to Juhi and requests her to make her in-charge of after operation care. Juhi willingly gives her. Asha and Aman tease her but she asks them to leave. 

Later, she hold his hand and says thank you for coming back. Whole night she slept on chair holding his hand. Mother calls to ishani to say thank you and inform her that she is on his way. 

Sid finally open his eyes and Ishani heart beat races faster. 


Butterfly scene from promo, Ishani heart beat is faster than normal , she collides with senior nurse and says she is not feeling heart after seeing her.