The episode starts with Ishaani seeing Sid opening his eyes. Ishaani felt a strange feeling of love seeing him. Sid says that he’s back to torture her and Ishaani asks him to torture. He feels weird with her answer and asks her to throw tantrums like every time but Ishaani smiles. Sid touches her and she felt happy. Sid asks for her hand to go to the washroom and she gives him. He asks will she have any problem if he touches her and Ishaani says no. Sid jokes on it. He asks her to give a magical hug and she does wholeheartedly.

Rishab enters while they are hugging and apologies for disturbing their romances. Sid taunts him for his dirty mind and says that it’s friendship. Rishab gibes case for Ishaani and Ishaani tries explaining that she needs to take care of Sid but he denies. Ishaani grudging leaves to take case while Rishab taunts Sid. He determines to never let Ishaani meet Sid.

Juhi and Shashank were about to park in the same place and Shashank asks her to park. Juhi apologizes for Nandhini issue and says that he’s right. She asks him to park the care there and lives with her but hits Shashank car for revenge.

Rishab taunts and calls him illegitimate and Sid gives back. Rishab father is present and Sid apologize. Ishaani works thinking about only Sid. She finds it’s time for Sid medicine and is about to leave but Rishab stops her to complete the file. He sends the Nurse to treat Sid.

The operation takes place for Nandhini and Shashank asks her to trust him. Nandhini expresses her trust in him and Juhi and the start the surgery. Juhi while performing finds Nandhini sinking and apologize Dr. Shashank. Shashank assists her like old times and the operation gets successful. Ishaani asks Aasha about Sid but Rishab interrupts again and gives more cases to her. Ishaani is lost while treating patients and patients laugh on her condition.

Sid leaves to work despite Aasha’s saying and his stitches open. Aasha scolds Sid and asks him to obey. Ishaani tortures patent with Sid talks and he gets fed up of her. Ishaani sees a queue in front of Rishab’s room and finds him examining patients. She asks Aasha of the same but Nurse informs her that Rishab called her and she leaves.

She gives completed files to Rishab and is about to leave but Rishab gives her more work. Aasha signals Ishaani to pretend to be sick and she does so. Rishab leaves her and she rushes to Sid’s ward only to find Sid playing with his Mama. She felt her heart beating faster only with Sid’s presence and wonders. Sid asks her the reason for her visit but she’s all lost. Sid and his Mama look weird at Ishaani.

Precap: Ishaani asks Sid to stay away. She falls on Sid. They have fun and Ishaani in love with Sid.