Today episode will came as a shock to SidIsha Fans who are dreaming of SidIsha coming together. Contrarily, makers will shock them when Dr. Sid will introduce Dr. Asha as his wife to Dr. Ishani and other hospital staff. 

The whole episode then takes an unexpected turn with Dr. Ishani confronting Dr. Sid but he takes side of Dr. Asha. Later, she slaps him. Dr. Neil argues with Dr. Rahil because he thinks he knew that. Later, they both try to confront Dr. Asha but fails as Dr. Sid protects them doing questionnaire. 

We know fans are hating Dr. Sid at the moment due to his topsy turvy turn of feelings. SidIsha fans never expected that but we have hopes left. Here are certain clues. Why Dr. Asha is silent? She was the one who pushed Dr. Ishani towards Dr. Sid. How can she agrees to marry a man who she knows is in love with her best friend. There is more suspicious things happening around her and her behavior was so unlike her. The chirpy doll was silent as lamb. Why?

Where is Dr. Aman? Dr. Neil tries to call him but his phone was unreachable. Dr. Aman is best friend of Dr. Asha. How can that be possible that Dr. Aman is unaware of all this? What has happened to him? Why was he not present when Dr. Sid was announcing his marriage with Dr. Asha in hospital?

Why Dr. Sid get married all of a sudden? He confessed his love for her and he knows that he loves her. So, can Dr. Sid take such a drastic step just to be away from Dr. Ishani? Its not only his life which is at stake but its Dr. Asha’s too. Can he force someone to marry him? In that case Dr. Sid will behave so out of his character.

So folks, we should be patient and trust makers. There is much more to this twist than what it is appearing. In a week or two, things will be as clear as crystal.  

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