Dr. Ishani (Surbhi Chandna) in Sanjivani 2 is presently suffering from Loveria with Dr. Sid. This happened after he was gravely injured saving Dr. Ishani from goons. She is romanticizing every event with him after that while Dr. Sid looks normal. Friends have start teasing both, however, they both are in denial mode to themselves and to other. Though, Dr. Ishani do share her crush for Dr. Sid to her friends on a vow over untouched pinky promise.

Star Plus is also promoting the show with #IshaniHasLoveria. We asked our readers if there is confession scene, how they wish Dr. Ishani to confess.


Avid watchers of show were in denial mode so, we asked if Dr. Sid has to confess, how they wish should happen. We received few very interesting scenes. Read out their interesting imaginations for their favorite love birds’confession of love. 

While Vaishali Shah wants the confession to be subtle like matured persons, Puloma Mitra likes to add drama. 

Kishi Malik wants a dreamy confession. 

Gaurangi has given us both sides of confession or no confession, which one is better, that readers have to choose. 

Nidzee wants a heartfelt confession like Zaroon and Kasaaf in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. 

Nonu wants Ishani’s heartbreak to make a more matured love story, not just a crush or infatuation. 

Sanskari sonu has a fun take and we laugh out hard. The name is sanskari but certainly in conflict with the quote. 

However, Farhana has a very different and matured take on the whole scenario. 

While few fans don’t want confession from Dr. Ishani’s side, other wants a subtle one or better if Dr. Sid rejects and breaks her heart. We are sure whatever the makers have stored for them, it must be intriguing to watch the growth of story and characters.  

Hit the comment section to tell us, which one you find best. Till the, Let’s Get Bizzin!!