Sanjivani 2 is getting interesting with every passing day. Viewers were witnessing a high voltage drama from past two weeks. Dr. Ishani played by Surbhi Chandna hated Dr. Sid because of a misunderstanding. When the air gets clear, she gives a yellow rose to Dr. Sid to mark the beginning of their friendship. 

Later, in the story Dr. Ishani understands the little joys which life brings when she attends the Bappa Puja at Dr. Sid’s place. She discovers the true caring nature of Dr. Sid and seen her good side. Then again he saves her from goons and hurt badly in doing so. 

In the coming episodes viewers will see how Dr. Ishani develop feelings for Dr. Sid and got confused of her newness. 

Producer of the show, Siddharth P. Malhotra has tweeted the new promo of Sanjivani 2 and fans go bananas in expect of more romantic scenes between leads Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani. Play it on repeat mode!!


According to latest promo, Ishani will be devastated to watch Sid in a pool of blood. Her thoughts will be that nobody has ever done anything like this for her earlier. Why she feels different when she is near Dr. Sid.  The butterfly in the promo suggests that she is developing feelings for her senior Dr. Sid. Its the sequence for which fans are waiting from the very initial episode of Sanjivani.  

For sometime now, she will be denial mode and her conflict emotions keep fighting with each other. She will nurse Dr. Sid day and night and pray for him to get healed faster. It will be quite interesting to watch when and how she will give in and confess her feelings first to herself and then Dr. Sid. 

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