From past two weeks viewers were witnessing female lead of Sanjivani 2 i.e. Dr. Ishani is in agony and crying constantly because of the rejection of her first love. Prior to this viewers watched a love sick Dr. Ishani who is doing foolish things even blabbering in front of her first crush, Dr. Sid. Amidst all this, we started to think that Dr. Ishani has turned into typical female character lead of Star Plus who is weak. 

But, today makers of Sanjivani 2 surprised us when they character of Dr. Ishani stand for her own existence. We salute the makers that they haven’t forgotten that she is a doctor and for her duty to humanity and her patients comes first and above everything. 

In today’s episode, viewers will witness a totally different Dr. Ishani which she used to be when she arrive in the first episode, a strong, independent and one of the best doctors. DR. Ishani was waiting outside Dr. Sid’s home to talk to him. However, her repeated attempts to converse with him goes in vain as he deny for any kind of conversation.

She is waiting outside his house when Dr. Rahil calls her that her patient is critical and she should reach hospital at the earliest. Sensing a danger on patient’s life, Dr. Ishani gives priority to patient and leave Dr. Sid’s premises without talking to him. When she reached, she found that it was a bluff created by Dr. Sid through Dr. Rahil. This irks Dr. Ishani. She gets angry with Dr. Sid on the ground that her patient’s life is not part of any game. Dr. Sid shouldn’t have played his games with her profession. Dr. Sid who was on mobile call with Dr. Rahil heard all that and thinks that it’s good that Dr. Ishani has started hating him. 

It’s good to see such strong female character who stands for her rights and her profession. A character who understands that a doctor’s profession is a serious one and anybody cannot mock or take advantage of it, let alone Dr. Sid. 

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