Today episode was a emotional episode that bring back lot of memories from season 1. Its an episode not to be missed. 

The episode starts with Dr. Ishani trying to kill Dr. Sid for his corruption.

Later, it was shown as a dream of Dr. Ishani. She started surgery of the girl without permission from Dr. Sid. She did her first surgery with perfection. As for a new resident doc, Dr. Sid gets impressed with Dr. Ishani. They share a conversation but again came back to Tu Tu ….Mein Mein. She is hell bent of complaining about him though she don’t know whom?

Dr. Sid was going but seeing Dr. Vardhan, he diverts his way another side. But, Dr. Vardhan comes after him in staff room. He was changing his shirt that time. (yummy)

Dr. Vardhan warns Dr. Sid again that if he is caught up, it will be bad day for him.  

Dr. Ishani is in wash room with Dr. Asha who is blabbering about some Dr. Aman who hasn’t reported on duty yet. Dr. Anjali enters. Dr. Ishani is in her thoughts and didn’t notice. When she realized, she runs to Dr. Anjali to complain about Dr. Sid. Dr. Anjali rather says that Dr. Sid is one of the best doctors off Sanjivani. Who is she to complain?  However, Dr. Sid overhears this who was standing there. Then, Dr. Anjali gets a call when she was trying to know the whereabouts of a neurosurgeon for Dr. Shashank’s brain tumor. Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid both are shocked to hear about his condition. 

Dr. Vardhan meets Dr. Shashank and they have sarcastic conversation between them. Though, Dr. Vardhan wish him to get well soon. 

Dr. Sid also came to meet Dr. Shashank but their meet. Through their conversation, its evident that they share a great camaraderie. 

Their conversation was disturbed by Dr. Ishani who has an unknown emotional relation with him. Dr. Shashank asks her not to worry. 

Dr Juhi enters Sanjivani?

Everybody is talking about Dr. Juhi and how she left Sanjivani or what a great nuerosurgeon she is who is known for her path breaking findings. later, Dr. Juhi enters Sanjivani after years and it bring back all the reminiscences of past. (Scenes of Sanjivani 1).

She met Dr. Anjali who ignores her. Later, she met  Dr. Shashank and see his reports. She asks nurse to bring reports of Dr. Shashank. Her diagnosis says that tumor is very big in frontal lobe.  She is in fear that operation might damage brain cells when she was asked to operate. Nevertheless, Dr. Shashank convince her saying, “Toh kya mujhe marne dogi.” 

Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid again meet in the lobby and Dr. Ishani gets emotional when unknowingly Dr. Sid brings her childhood memories.

Though, he said sorry for that. On the other hand, Dr. Ishani is looking for the right person to do his complain. 


Dr. Sid learns that Dr. Ishani has made his complaint to Dr. Vardhan and she insists Dr. Vardhan to talk to Natasha. 

However, Dr. Juhi asks Dr. Anjali reason for her annoyance. Dr. Shashank is going in OT and everybody is wishing him best of luck. 



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