Today’s episode starts with Dr. Shashank entering into OT for operation. Dr. Sid tells him that he is given his best of resources for his operation to Dr. Juhi. 

Dr. Shahank goes for operation and requests Dr. Juhi to be next COS if he dies on operation table. Teary eyed, he also says to Dr. Juhi that he won’t want to die. Nevertheless, Dr. Anjali who came to wish her dad good luck heard what he asks Dr. Juhi. Dr. Shashank calls her but she said that its okay and she just came to wish good luck. Dr. Juhi gets confused in doing OT as whatever solution comes to her mind, it other effects are severe. She freezes in OT and couldn’t do a single cut for five long hours. 

Dr. Anjali comes in OT and asks Dr. Juhi to close down as she didn’t operated for 5 hours. Furthermore, she said that effect of  anesthesia given to Dr. Shashank will be over soon so asks her to close down. Consequently,  Dr. Juhi comes out of operation theatre with shoulders down. She was sad and runs to her car. She closes the car door and screams in grief. 

Furthermore, Dr. Ishani saw some problem with the new girl patient while taking rounds in the ward. She saw that girl is eating her hair. 

Dr. Vardhan give only 6 hours to pay for helicopter fees which Dr. Sid has taken to save poor boy’s life which amounts to 3 lakhs. But, Dr. Sid assures him that he the boy’s parent will make the payment on time. Later, Dr. Sid is looking for some bakra so that he can fool them to get 3 lakhs in canteen area. But, whoever he lays his eyes turns out to a mediocre man. Dr. Ishani comes suggest him one only to challenge him. 

Ahead, when other senior doctor was checking girl patient reports, Dr. Ishani saw the reports and discover that the girl patient have lot of gas in her stomach. She suggest that such gastric problem could take girl’s life. Sr. doctor says that he is advising her father to do CT scan. But her father denies it as he thinks that hospital is recommending because they want to make more money.

He was discharging  his daughter when Dr. Vardhan asks him to sign a form which says that he has discharged his daughter without consent of doctor and if anything happens, the hospital won’t be responsible. Then, he leaves. 

Dr. Ishani suggest the father not to take his daughter as she have a rare medical case. Meanwhile, when she was explaining, the girl faints. Dr. Ishani immediately orders for OT and operates with another senior doctor.

There was a full big bunch of hair in stomach of the girl patient. Nurse asks Dr. Ishani what to do with the bunch, she says to throw away. But, senior doctor operating with her suggest to take photo first.

Later, senior doctor scolds Dr. Ishani for taking the operation decision in haste without CT scan. Rather, he accused her of breaking rules and also advises her to take senior’s permission from next time. 

Dr. Vardhan talks to someone on phone to take place of Dr. Shashank. He also rejoices as soon he will have full control on hospital. However, he sees Dr. Sid only to remind him that only 15 min left to the deadline.

Surprisingly, Dr. Sid go after the same man who was suggested by Dr. Ishani. Dr. Sid takes 3 lakhs to convert his wife’s room to VIP. Dr. Ishani talks to Dr. Asha who tells us how Dr. Juhi freezes in OT and didn’t operate. Meanwhile,  she sees Dr. Sid taking bribe and captures his corruption on her phone. When he came out, she warns Dr. Sid to expose him. 

Precap of next week:

Dr. Sid is thrown out of Sanjivani. There has been a major road accident and all doctors report to the site. Somebody tries to manhandle on Dr. Ishani but Dr. Sid came to her rescue.  Later, viewers will witness first time Dr. Ishani falling in arms of Dr. Sid. 


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