Today’s Sanjivani episode starts with hospital staff arriving  at bombing site. They were shocked to see the loathsome scene which is full of dead bodies and heavily injured people. A new doctor lost his consciousness.  Anyhow, doctors started treating them. 

Another side, Dr. Sid comes home to meet his maa. His maa complaints about that from two days he didn’t arrived home. Dr. Sid tells her about Dr. Shahank’s case and is happy that he is fine. Likewise, she too felt relieved after hearing about his well being. Dr. Sid asks her for meal. 

Dr. Shashank comes to consciousness and thanks Juhi. He also asks Juhi to become CEO. Seems like Dr. Anjali overhears their conversation. Nevertheless, Dr. Juhi asks him to rest and talk later. Dr. Shashank tells Dr. Anjali that he is fine.  A nurse informed them about emergency and requests them to assist. 

Media reached on bombing site and news started to pour in. 

Dr. Vardhan poison’s Dr. Anjali’s mind:

Dr. Anjali came to cafeteria to all doctors and nurses who were watching TV to attend emergency at hospital. Consequently, she met Dr. Vardhan who tries to poison her mind against Dr. Juhi.  

At site, Dr. Ishani tries to climb an inverted car to help some people behind the car but she slipped. Dr. Sid catches her. They argue and parted ways. Meanwhile, Dr. Rishabh shouts on Dr. Sid that he is not Sanjivani staff now and pushes him. Dr. Sid says but he is a doctor and punches him. 

Doctors unite to save the girl:

Dr. Ishani found a girl with a iron rod pinned into her in stomach. She calls firemen to cut out the doors because it got jammed. Later, she tries to take the child for operation on stretcher. But, people recognized the girl as terrorist’s daughter. They want to kill her. Consequently, a man grab wrists of Dr. Ishani. Dr. Sid comes to her rescue. Later, all doctors make a human chain to help the girl. While struggling to take the girl Dr. Ishani remembers how she struggled in her childhood when she was accused for the deeds of her parents. She connects to the girl at emotional level and simultaneously freezes. Dr. Sid who was trying to save by a firing torch, shakes consequently Dr. Ishani to wake up from her thoughts. Later, they both get successful with help of other doctors to bring the girl at hospital. 

Media and crowd reaches hospital and asks further questions about hospital’s intentions.

Dr. Vardhan who was talking to his little girl get a call from management of hospital. They asks him to watch the news where media and crowd is accusing Sanjivani hospital for saving a terrorist’s daughter. Contrarily, Dr. Ishani says, she is a child who needs medical attention.  The management tells Dr. Vardhan to act in favour of hospital as it is not looking good for hospital’s reputation. 

Dr. Vardhan makes a different call:

Whilst all tension, Dr. Vardhan faces media and allows Dr. Ishani to take the the girl in hospital to show his humanity. However, he adds that his hospital will not give a bed to those who have any connection with terrorist. 

Dr. Ishani is treating the girl when Dr. Vardhan comes and gives the same bed to some Sighania. 


Dr. Ishani is taken away by Dr. Vardhan forcefully from the girl. Crowd is getting mad for treating the girl in hospital. Dr. Sid is in OT telling something when Dr. Ishani closes his mouth. They hid the girl and themselves behind table in OT.   

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