Sanjivani 2 which started this week as a weekly is garnering accolades from all sides. The show offers a fresh start as sequel of the show that goes by the same name. The new Sanjivani has Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna as male leads and their chemistry is nothing but fiery. In mere 5 episodes of the introductory week, the on-screen couple have substantiate their performance with great on-screen bonding . Every second of their screen presence together speaks that they are here to stay. Let’s check out why the couple appear to be fiery?

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Introductory scene, mix of disagreement to care: 

The introductory scene of the on-screen couple together come with the usual arguments but with care from both sides. As the scene demanded them to act like strangers caring for each other as a doctor. Surbhi and Namit both have nailed it like a pro. They were not a moment where viewers have blinked to somewhere else other than screen. 


Their chemistry seems to have a on-screen bond:

A great actor is one who make spectators feel that whatever is happening is real. This happens when they are able to connect to the characters. These two actors performs their scenes with so ease that it seems like its really happening or this is how it must have occurred. They are relatable. 

Mysterious VS Open Book:

Surbhi Chandna is spot on as Dr. Ishani with a dark past haunting her whenever her surname is mentioned. However, everything else is as clean as water for her character. Namit Khanna have pinned into hearts of viewers as Dr. Sid. His character is like an open book except a dark side of his Robinhood type. 

Fresh pairing: 

The leads Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna are coming together for the first time. So, they bring out the freshness among their pairing on-screen. There are unveiled sides of this pairing which the spectators keep thinking about. They guarantees a new connect with people who are watching and anticipating them together on-screen. 

There will be more layers to their characters which will be unfolded in coming week. Nonetheless, their brilliance in their art makes them special. They both are hard working talented actors and Just ShowBiz wishes them all the very best for all coming episodes of Sanjivani 2. 

We really wish to give a name to this pair for social media sake – Surnam as in Surbhi and Namit and Sidish as in Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani. Are these the names which you all have in your mind? Do let us know. 

Do you all think that this on-screen pair have a hidden fiery side which is yet to be disclosed? Let us know in our comment box. Let’s Get Bizzin!!